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Sad Girl — additional recordings


On 6&7 February, I added the following recordings and live performances to the feature page on the song Sad Girl (Lloyd Smith, Jay Wiggins):

  • Jay Wiggins — alternate recording, date unknown
  • The Gallahads — issued in April 1965 on Beechwood BW 3000, b/w “Keeper of Dreams,” and in May 1965 on Starla ST-15, with the same flip side
  • Curtis and the Showstoppers — issued in 1965 on Travis 039, b/w “Let’s Workout Baby”
  • Emperors Soul 69 — released in 1969 on Futura 1505, as the B-side of “Bring Out Yourself” (Soul 69)
  • Thee Unknown 4, vocal by John — date unknown; issued on R.P.C. RCP-100, b/w “Hold It”
  • Charlie & The Jives — issued in 1971 on Tear Drop 3278, as the B-side of “No Tengo Dinero (Ain’t Got No Money)”
  • GQ — live performance for the TV series Atlantic City Alive!, 1981
  • Thee Midniters with special guest Little Willie G. — live on Thee Mr. Duran Show, filmed at KCAT TV, Ch. 3 in Hacienda Heights, CA; date unknown (video uploaded on 24 February 2008) — “Sad Girl/I Need Someone” medley
  • Thee Midniters with lead vocals by Greg Esparza — live “Sad Girl/I Need Someone” medley, 21 May 2011 at Santa Fe Springs Swapmeet, La Mirada, CA —  video shot by Christina Mirasol (PR lady
  • Joe Bataan — live at the Philippine Arts Festival, Point Fermin Park, San Pedro, California, on 10 September 2011 — featuring Rocky Padilla and Yvonne Bataan on back vocals, and George Dez on lead guitar, according to the video provider


Comments on pages enabled again


I just noticed yesterday that comments on some of the pages published in January had been inadvertently disabled. I’ve enabled comments again on the affected pages. Comments should be enabled on all posts and pages on the site. Please notify me if you happen to discover any pages or posts on which there is not a  “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom. Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused you.

Pages published in January 2016 include the following:

19 Jan — other standards and popular songs of winter (previously included in page now retitled “Selected Holiday Season songs, index“)

16 Jan — “June in January” — selected recordings, 1934 to 1960

13 Jan — Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year

5 Jan — “Weed Smoker’s Dream” lyric — transcribed on 29 Dec 2015

Regards, doc

winter-trees-sun on hills-1a


new page: June in January


A new page was published today:

Links to the page have been added to the following indexes:

Recordings included in the new page are listed below:

Richard-Himber-2-px1Joey Nash 1a

  • Richard Himber and his Ritz-Carlton Orchestra, vocal: Joey Nash — recorded on 5 October 1934; issued on Victor 24811, as the B-side of “With Every Breath I Take”
  • Ted Fio Rito and his Orchestra, vocal: Phil Thomas(?)* — recorded on 19 October 1934; issued on Brunswick 7327, c/w “With Every Breath I Take”
  • Ted Fio Rito and his Orchestra — excerpt from a radio broadcast transcription (date unknown), according to the Ted Fio Rito 1925-1935 collection at
  • Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians, vocal: Carmen Lombardo — recorded on 9 November 1934; issued (in 1935) on Decca 307, b/w ” With Every Breath I Take”
  • Bing Crosby with Georgie Stoll and his Orchestra — recorded in Los Angeles on 9 November 1934; issued on Decca 310, b/w “Love is Just Around the Corner”
  • Teddy Joyce and his Orchestra — recorded on 11 December 1934**; issued on (UK) HMV B.6566 (B6566), as  the B-side of “With Every Breath I Take”

1934 With Every Breath I Take-Roy Fox and his Band-(UK) Decca F.5351, bw June in January-1-30pRoy-Fox-Radio-Pictorial-1

  • Roy Fox and his Orchestra, vocal: Denny Dennis — recorded on 16 December 1934; issued on (UK) Decca F.5351 (F5351), as the B-side of “With Every Breath I Take”
  • Bing Crosby — in 1934 film Here is My Heart; release dates: 22 December 1934 (premiere), 28 December 1934 (general)
  • Harry Roy and his Orchestra from the May Fair Hotel — recorded in London in December 1934; issued on (UK) Parlophone R 2011, b/w “Love is Just Around the Corner”
  • Lew Stone & his Band, vocal: Alan Kane — recorded on 27 December 1934; issued on (UK) Regal Zonophone 1558, c/w “Stay as Sweet as You Are” — Source: Regal Zonophone MR 1550-MR 1599 discography (pdf)
  • B.B.C. Dance Orchestra, directed by Henry Hall — recording date unknown; issued in 1934(?) on (UK) Columbia CB 811, c/w “Love is In the Air Again”
  • Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra, vocal: Orlando Roberson – recorded in New York on 1 February 1935; issued on Decca 441, as the B-side of “Chasing All the Blues Away”
  • Arne Hülphers and his Orchestra — recorded on 8 March 1935, according to the video provider; issued as Dixi Di. 132a
  • Benny Carter Trio — recorded on 20 September 1954 — Benny Carter – alto saxophone, Teddy Wilson – piano, Jo Jones – drums
  • Benny Carter and orchestra — film clip; date unknown
  • The Hi-Lo’s — originally issued on the 1955 album Listen!, Starlite Records ST 6004
  • Jo Stafford with Paul Weston and his “Music from Hollywood” — recorded on 4 October 1956; issued on the 1956 album Ski Trails, Columbia ‎CL 910
  • Les Paul and Mary Ford — from the 1957 album Time to Dream, Capitol Records T802
  • Gordon MacRae — from the album The Seasons of Love, Capitol ST 1146 (Stereo), Capitol T 1146 (Mono), released in March 1959
  • Teddi King — from the 1959 album All the Kings’ Songs, Coral CRL 57278 (Mono), Coral CRL-757278 (Stereo)
  • Dean Martin — from the 1959 album A Winter Romance
  • Polly Bergen with Frank Devol and his Orchestra — from the 1960 album Four Seasons of Love, Columbia CL 1451 (Mono), Columbia CS 8246 (Stereo)
  • Elizabeth Calleo et David Bichindaritz — Concert fondation des Etats Unis, février 2009


* Phil Thomas is credited, by the respective video provider, as the vocalist in the two distinct versions by Ted Fio Rito and his Orchestra found in the videos I’ve provided in the “June in January” page, the second of which is evidently the undated radio broadcast transcription excerpt. The separate recordings appear to feature different vocalists, and I don’t know which of the two is, or might be, Phil Thomas.

** according to


correction to “Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year” images


The majority of the images in my most recently published page, “Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year,” were inadvertently linked to a defunct URL at the time it was published, or shortly afterward. The errors have been corrected. Now, each of the images in the page is linked to its own attachment page, except one which is linked to an external page. Affected images on the post “new page: Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year” have also been fixed. Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.

Regards, doc

new page: Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year


Frank Loesser (5a)Deanna Durbin-Christmas Holiday (1944) 1

I’ve published a new page today:

Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year (Frank Loesser) – written and published in 1943

A link to the page was added to the following index pages:

The new page includes the following recordings:

1944 Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year-Morton Downey-Decca 18607-1-c11950 Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year-Ralph Flanagan-RCA Victor 20-3724-1sm-c1

  • Connie Haines — radio broadcast transcription from the 2 March 1944 episode of the Abbott and Costello Show, featuring Hedda Hopper
  • Morton Downey with orchestra directed by Jimmy Lytell* – recorded on 8 May 1944; issued on Decca 18607, c/w “Christopher Robinson Saying His Prayers”
  • Deanna Durbin in Christmas Holiday (1944) — The NY première of the film was on 28 June 1944; general release followed on 30 June.
  • Evelyn Knight — according to the provider of the included video, the recording is a broadcast transcription from a “July 16, 1944 Radio Hall Of Fame radio program [,with] orchestra directed by Paul Whiteman.”
  • Geraldo and his Orchestra; vocal: Johnny Green — recorded on 7 November 1944; issued on (UK) Parlophone F 2047, c/w “It Could Happen to You”
  • Deanna Durbin with orchestra under direction of Edgar Fairchild — recorded on 15 December 1944; issued on Decca 23397, as the B-side of “Always”
  • Ralph Flanagan and his Orchestra, vocal by Harry Prime — issued in 1950 on RCA Victor 20-3724, b/w “Joshua”
  • Sarah Vaughan with Percy Faith and his Orchestra — recorded on 5 January 1953; issued on 13 March 1953 on Columbia 39963, b/w “A Blues Serenade”
  • Helen Merrill with orchestra arranged and conducted by Richard Hayman — from her second album, Helen Merrill With Strings, Emarcy ‎MG-36057, released in 1955
  • Rita Reys with the Jazz Messengers — recorded in New York City on 25 June 1956; issued on the 1956 album The Cool Voice of Rita Reys, (US) Columbia CL 903, (Netherlands) Philips ‎B 08006 L
  • Ahmad Jamal Trio  — recorded on 17 September 1956; issued on the 1956 LP Count ‘Em 88, Argo Records LP-610
  • Jeri Southern — recorded in 1957; issued on the 1958 LP Coffee, Cigarettes and Memories
  • Red Garland — recorded in November 1958; issued on the 1958 album All Kinds of Weather, Prestige 7148
  • Roland Kirk Quartet — recorded at Nola Penthouse Sound Studio, NYC, on 17 August 1961, during the sessions that produced the tracks on 1962 album We Free Kings; issued on the 1990 compilation The Complete Mercury Recordings Of Roland Kirk, (Europe) Mercury 846 630-2
  • Anita O’Day and Cal Tjader — from the 1962 LP Time for 2, Verve Records ‎V6-8472, Verve Records ‎V/V6-8472
  • Joanie Sommers — from her 1963 album Sommers’ Seasons
  • Lee Wiley — from the 1971 album Back Home Again
  • Margaret Whiting and Johnny Desmond — from Ben Bagley’s Frank Loesser Revisited, release dated 1974 at and at other online public library catalogs, though and Rate Your Music date it 1990
  • Bing Crosby — from the 1977 album Seasons: The Closing Chapter, Polydor ‎PD-1-6128
  • Trio Pim Jacobs — from the 1982 LP Come Fly With Me, (Netherlands) Philips ‎6423 529


* as “Jimmie Lytell” on the label

Additional recordings of “When You’re a Long, Long Way From Home”


Today, I added the following recordings to the page on the 1914 song When You’re a Long, Long Way From Home (m. George W. Meyer, w. Sam M. Lewis). For the Kirby and Cove single, I’d previously included only links to recordings at

1914 When You're a Long, Long Way from Home-Henry Burr-Victor 17632-A1915 When You're a Long, Long Way From Home-Joan Sawyer's Persian Garden Orchestra-Columbia A5642 (1a)

  • 1914Henry Burr — recorded in Camden, New Jersey, on 17 August 1914; issued on the 10″ 78 rpm single Victor 17632, b/w In the Palace of Dreams
  • 1914Joan Sawyer’s Persian Garden Orchestra — issued in 1915 on Columbia A5642, as the B-side of Valse Boston (from “Les Millions d’Arlequin”); according to, both sides were recorded in October 2014
  • 1916Kirby and Cove — issued in 1916 on the 78 rpm single Winner 2981, b/w A Broken Doll
  • 1942Hal McIntyre and his Orchestra — recorded on 2 June 1942; issued on Victor 27942, b/w Play Number Forty Nine
  • 1961The Buffalo Bills — from their 1961 LP Home Is Where the Heart Is, Columbia CS 8384 (Stereo), Columbia CL 1584 (Mono)
  • 1983 — Doug Skinner —  from the 1983 stage play comedy film The Regard of Flight (review at, featuring Bill Irwin, Michael O’Connor, and Doug Skinner; Skinner introduces the song, in which he accompanies himself on ukulele, as the “second homesickness song”
  • 2014Rajhans Ensemble, KH De Zeegalm & Apollo Sluis (Hans Vermeersch: director, violin), with vocal by Chantal Dejaeger — performed live during the Indian Army in Flanders Fields 1914 -1918 Memorial Concert on Armistice Day, 11 November 2014, at the Culture Centre Scharpoord Knokke, Belgium

The Regard of Flight (1983)


Recent additions to three pages: Bei Mir Bist Du Schön (1938 recordings), Baltimore Oriole, and Beautiful Love


The following recordings have been added in the past couple of weeks to the pages indicated. I have rearranged the “Bei Mir Bist Du Schön (Schoen)” 1938 recordings page. I’ve also corrected or otherwise amended information on various previously included recordings in these pages.

Bei Mir Bistu Shein / Bei Mir Bist Du Schön (Schoen): selected early recordings, 1938 music: Sholom Secunda; words, original Yiddish: Jacob Jacobs / words, English version: Saul Chaplin and Sammy Cahn

1938 Bei Mir Bist Du Schön-Tomas & ses Merry Boys-Odeon (France0 279.441 (mx KI 8515)

  • Ady (Eddie) Rosner et son Orchestre, refrain chanté par le Trio Vocal — recorded at la Salle Pleyel, Paris in April 1938, according to the video provider; issued on Columbia (France) DF 2355
  • Henry Jacques & his Correct Tempo Dance Orchestra — issued in 1938 on HMV B.D. 5336 (HMV BD5000+ discography, pdf)
  • Jean Peyronnin, A. Tedeschi et leur célèbre Orchestre Musette; refrain chanté par Jan Lambert — recorded in Paris, May 1938; issued on Idéal n° 13.597
  • Tomas & ses Merry Boys — recorded in Paris in 1938; issued on Odeon (France) 279.441, matrix# KI 8515
  • Jack Harris and his Orchestra — issued in February 1938 on HMV B.D.5331, b/w “Once in a While” [recording not yet included as of 4 January 2016]


Baltimore Oriole (m. Hoagy Carmichael, w. Paul Francis Webster) — 1942 standard


Beautiful Love (m. Victor Young, Egbert Van Alstyne, Wayne King, w. Haven Gillespie) — 1931 standard

  • Lewis James — recorded on 20 April 1931; issued on Victor 22686, as the B-side of “By the River Sainte Marie”
  • Adrian Schubert Salon Orchestra, vocal: Charles Lawman — recorded in July 1931; issued on Crown 3162, c/w “When the Moon Comes Over the Mountains”
  • Harmony Sisters — recorded in 1944; issued on Mirva (Finland) B 1005, b/w “All the Things You Are”
  • Richard Tauber — recorded on 13 December 1944; issued on Parlophone Odeon (UK) RO 20537 (mx CE11322), c/w “A Kiss in the Night” (“Anoche te besé”)
  • Edna Savage — arrangement and direction of orchestral accompaniment by Ron Goodwin; issued in September 1959 on the 45 rpm single Parlophone (UK) R 4572, as the B-side of “Maybe This Year”
  • Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra — from the 1960 album Solo Spotlight, Capitol Records ‎ST1234



Under a Texas Moon: selected early recordings, 1929-1930


Under a Texas Moon (1930) poster 1-c2(p130)

Under a Texas Moon (Ray Perkins) — The song was featured in the soundtrack of the 1930 film of the same title. It’s unclear whether the song was written for the film, as it was first recorded in November 1929, over four months before the film’s 1 April 1930 release, and recorded at least ten times prior to the release of the film. It’s true that most of the labels I’ve seen of recordings made before the first of April 1930 refer to the film, but this may be due to later pressings by record companies trying to capitalize on the film’s publicity.

Of the film, Wikipedia says:

It was the second all-color all-talking feature to be filmed entirely outdoors as well as being the second western in color and the first all-talking all-color western.

Ted Fio Rito-1Ted Fio Rito 1a

Ted Fiorito and his Orchestra, vocal: Pedro Espino — recorded on 21 November 1929 in Chicago; issued on Victor 22252, b/w “I’d Like to Be a Gypsy”


Bob Haring and his Orchestra — recorded in December 1929, and issued on Brunswick 4680, c/w “Gypsy Dream Rose,” recorded by the A&P Gypsies (Harry Horlick) — The video below displays the label of a Spanish Brunswick release, under the title “Bajo la luna de Texas,” with a not quite legible catalog number.


Hal Kemp (1)Hal Kemp (2a)

Hal Kemp and his Carolina Club Orchestra — recorded on 27 December 1929, and issued on OKeh 41360, c/w “I’m Following You,” recorded by Arthur Schutt and his Orchestra — The Kemp recording was also issued on Parlophone 34027, c/w “Rockin’ Chair,” recorded by Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra


Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians, vocal: Carmen Lombardo? — recorded on 27 December 1929; issued on Columbia 2089-D, c/w “Can’t You Understand”


Bert Lown and his Loungers — recorded on 8 January 1930; issued on Harmony 1088-H, c/w “Do You Love Me,” recorded by Rudy Marlow and his Orchestra


Seger Ellis (1a)Eddie Lang performs with Gibson guitar, c.1928 in Chicago, Illinois

Seger Ellis and the Tampa Blue Trio (featuring Eddie Lang on guitar) — recorded on 13 January 1930; issued on OKeh 41396; c/w “Should I?” — also issued on Odeon (US) 36066



Won’t Someone Please Belong to Me


Bobby Troup and Julie London-4Bobby Troup and Julie London-5

(above) Bobby Troup and Julie London — source:

Won’t Someone Please Belong to Me (Bobby Troup)

Date published unknown. I’m aware of only four recordings, and have heard only three, Teri Thornton’s 1963 release being the first, chronologically, followed by 1965 recordings by Bobby Troup and Julie London. Cabaret singer Marilyn Maye evidently also released a recording of the song, on her 1966 album The Second of Maye. Each time I hear Thornton’s or Troup’s versions I wonder why the song is not well known and often covered. Perhaps the triple rhymes and off-rhymes —  “Yesterday” / “here’s today,” “cold again” / “fold again,” “serener place” / “greener place,” etc. — were thought to be outdated or artificial. Such constructions may have been considered passé long before Troup published this song. Among American popular song lyricists of the 20th century, triple rhymes are most closely associated with Lorenz Hart.

I noticed yesterday that someone had entered the site via a keyword search for the the lyric to “Won’t Someone Please Belong to Me.” I didn’t have it. In fact, I’ve been periodically looking for the lyric for the past four or five years. So, after another round of searches came up empty I decided to transcribe it. The following transcription is drawn from the taped live performance by Bobby Troup and (presumably) his band for the 1965 Julie London TV variety special, Julie: Something Special.

Won’t Someone Please Belong to Me — words and music by Bobby Troup

Yesterday, things looked bright
I never knew a kiss so right
But here’s today — I’m out in the cold again
Just like a sheep that’s lost from his fold again
Won’t someone please belong to me

Find my love, mind my love
Try not to be unkind, my love
Just be content — there is no serener place
Don’t be so bent in finding a greener place
Won’t someone please belong to me

A fool am I
You’d think someday I’d learn
For fools like I
The tables never turn
But I’m not wise
I’m always taken by surprise, surprise

Days are long *
Nights are long
Time seems so slow when things go wrong
Won’t someone new come here and be mad to be
Near someone who is true and so glad to be
Won’t someone please, please, please belong to me
Please belong to me
Please belong to me

transcribed by Jim “doc” Radcliff on 10 March 2015 **


1963-Theri Thorntion Sings Open Highway-LP-Columbia Records CS 88941965 Won't Someone Please Belong to Me (Troup)-Teri Thornton Columbia 4-43209 (B-side)

Teri Thornton — B-side of the 45 rpm single “To Remember You By,” Columbia 4-43209, issued on 25 January 1965; previously released on the 1963 album Teri Thornton Sings Open Highway, Columbia Records CS 8894


Bobby Troup with unidentified small combo — live, from the Julie London TV variety special Julie: Something Special, air date: 17 November 1965 says,

On November 17th, 1965 WGN-TV in Chicago aired an hour-long special titled Julie: Something Special. Julie sings many of her popular numbers and is joined by, now husband, Bobby Troup and the quartet, The Hi-Lo’s. All of their performances are included. This show was re-aired on NBC-TV on February 13th, 1967.

It must have been the rebroadcast on NBC which I saw as a child of nine, for I recalled this performance decades later when I came across the video several years ago.


1965 Feeling Good-Julie London (LP) Liberty LST-7416

Julie London — from the 1965 LP Feeling Good: with the Gerald Wilson Big Band, LRP-3416 (Mono), LST-7416 Stereo


* “Days” and “Nights” are reversed in the first two lines of the final section in the versions by Teri Thornton and Julie London. The line “Won’t someone new come here and be mad to be” is slightly different in the Thornton and London versions, the first word being “Please” instead of “Won’t,” and “glad” replacing “mad” in the Thornton version. However, the line which follows it is identical in the London version, yet very different in the Thornton recording: “Near someone true, as true as you’ll ever be.”

** For other lyric transcriptions by yours truly see: Unsung lyrics, transcribed by doc


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