Judy Garland external links


External links

large photo galleries:

large Judy Garland information and fan sites:

  1. Judy Garland Database
  2. Judy room, The
  3. Judy Garland Museum
  4. Judy in London – focusing on the August 1960 recording sessions in London from which the 1972 album Judy in London was culled. And on concerts and shows, particularly her several appearances at the London Palladium 1951-1969.

Below are two lists of links for Judy Garland lovers, provided by ReelClassics.com. I’ve removed several which were no longer valid, and made other links connect more directly.


On Films:

The sites I visit most often for JG recording dates, songwriter credits, and related information:

  • The Judy Garland Database is extremely comprehensive in it’s coverage of JG movie, television, and radio appearances, plus studio recordings for albums, with every known rendition (or so it seems) of a long list of songs performed for each of these major media duly recorded in their pages.
  • Internet Movie Database is another fine source. For each film it provides production and cast credits, soundtracks, and reviews. Features include bio, 141 photos, and filmographies listed by Soundtrack, and Actress.
  • I also recommend Wikipedia’s index page List of Judy Garland Performances.


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