Bert Williams and George Walker: photograph slide show and gallery, 1896-1909


See also the following relevant Songbook pages on Bert Williams, George Walker, and Aida Overton Walker:

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Williams & Walker:

George Walker biography:

On In Dahomey: Williams and Walker Company pioneers new territory for African-American theater:

  • In Dahomey: A Negro Musical Comedy — music by Will Marion Cook, lyrics by Paul Laurence Dunbar, book by Jesse A. Shipp; edition published in London by Keith, Prowse & Company Ltd., c. 1903 — The Google eBooks preview evidently includes the whole score, including lyrics, of the musical as “[p]roduced at the Shaftesbury Theatre May 16th 1903.” The script is not included (see the next link).
    • I only checked each page carefully to about halfway through and noticed no pages missing, though there are two extra copies each of pages 12 and 13, one of the page 13 copies partially obscured by a ruler, and one duplicate each of pages 60 and 61.
  • The Music and Scripts of ‘In Dahomey’ — Will Marion Cook, Paul Laurence Dunbar, and Jesse Shipp, edited by Thomas L. Riis (1996) — Google eBooks preview: Presently available in the preview are 1. a long introduction of about 50 pages) titled In Dahomey in Text and Performance, and 2. the first two acts (of three) of one of the extant versions of the script, by Jesse Shipp, preceded by an introduction by the editor, Riis.
  • The Real Thing, essay by David Krasner, pp. 99ff of the book Beyond Blackface: African Americans and the Creation of American Popular Culture, 1890-1930, edited by W. Fitzhugh Brundage (2011)

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