You’re Nobody till Somebody Loves You


You’re Nobody till Somebody Loves You — words and music by Russ Morgan, Larry Stock and James Cavanaugh

Wikipedia says:

The song was first recorded by [Russ] Morgan and has been covered by numerous artists. It is best known in versions by Dean Martin, who recorded it for Reprise Records in 1965 and reached #24 on the US pop chart and #1 on the easy listening chart[1], and by The Mills Brothers. It was the B-side to Frankie Vaughan’s hit single “There Must Be a Way”, which broke into the UK top ten.



Russ Morgan and his Orchestra – 1945


Nat King Cole – recording date unknown



Dinah Washington – date unknown


Keely Smith – from her album Be My Love, 1959



Dean Martin – 1961


Connie Francis – Ed Sullivan Show. Francis performed the song for two episodes in 1964, 12 January and 18 June. You tell me which one it is (for the big prize).

Presently unavailable


Dean Martin – live at the Kiel Opera House, St. Louis – 20 June 1965, an event hosted by Johnny Carson and featuring performances by members of the so-called “Rat Pack”, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis, Jr. The provider says, “It was originally aired as a charity event that was beamed live (via closed circuit) to audiences at movie theaters around the country.” Martin’s 1961 recording of the song is one of the best-known.


Michael Bublé – Though this performance is evidently from Disc 2 of the CD/DVD set Michael Bublé Meets Madison Square Garden, released June 2009, information about the DVD portion of the set is vague at the sources I’ve checked.

The brief description of the DVD at Amazon, doesn’t help matters much:

DVD of 60 minute concert, plus 2 bonus songs (Stardust and You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You)

That’s all it says. Concert or non-concert bonus footage? How is it “bonus” material?  The provider further confuses things by attributing this live performance to the followup studio album Crazy Love, which is a CD, not a DVD, though it contained some audio tracks from the Madison Square Gardens set.


Sung by Arne Fogel at the Dakota in Minneapolis, MN, February 2008

Tanner Taylor – piano
Keith Boyles – bass
Dick Bortolussi – drums



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