You Do Something to Me


You Do Something to Me (Cole Porter)

Wikipedia excerpts, edited:

[You Do Something to Me] is notable in that it was the first number in Porter’s first fully integrated-book musical Fifty Million Frenchmen (1929). [The original opening number, A Toast to Volstead, was dropped in January, several weeks after the November 27, 1929 Broadway premiere at the Lyric Theatre.] In the original production, the song was performed by Genevieve Tobin and William Gaxton, performing the roles of Looloo Carroll and Peter Forbes, respectively.

There are two verses and two rounds of the chorus. The song has been described as “a tender prequel to “Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall In Love”, Porter’s first popular song. Ella Fitzgerald recorded this song on Sings the Cole Porter Songbook (1956) and on Ella à Nice (1971).


Leo Reisman Orchestra — 1929


Marlene Dietrich — 1939



Peggy Lee — 1952


Ella Fitzgerald — from the album Sings the Cole Porter Songbook, 1956


Doris Day — 1957


Sonny Rollins — from the 1962 album The Bridge — Sonny Rollins-ts, Jim Hall-g, Bob Cranshaw-b, Ben Riley-d


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