Cab Calloway, part 2: selected additional recordings, 1934-1940


See also our first and main Cab Calloway feature:

And recordings by Calloway in the following feature pages:

All recordings by Cab Calloway and his Orchestra


Jitter Bug (m. Irving Mills, Edwin Swayzee, w. Cab Calloway)


‘Long About Midnight (m. Irving Mills, W. Alexander Hill)


(above) This map, at 1753 x 1206 pixels when fully expanded (2 clicks) is only 40% of the size of the copy I used to create this one. The reduction has introduced a texture not present in the original. The mammoth, with a width of over 4300 pixels, can easily be found in a Google image search. Or you might ask me for it. The artist is E. Simms Campbell.

Hotcha Razz-Ma-Tazz (m. Irving Mills, w. Andy Razaf) – recorded 23 January 1934, according to the video provider

from the 1935 short film Cab Calloway’s Jitterbug Party, following the credits and an introduction



Cab Calloway’s Jitterbug Party (1935) – short film comprising three 1934 singles by the band:  Jitter Bug, Hotcha Razz-Ma-Tazz and ‘Long About Midnight. See individual songs and songwriter credits above.



When You’re Smiling (Mark Fisher, Joe Goodwin and Larry Shay)



Mister Paganini, Swing for Minnie (Edward J. Lambert, Richard Stevens) – recorded in New York City, 30 August 1938. Note: The songwriter credits are from ASCAP’s ACE song title catalog. They list no performers of the song at all.

Shad Collins, Irving Randolph, Lammer Wright, Doc Cheatham (tp), Claude Jones, Keg Johnson, DePriest Wkeeler (tb), Chauncey Haughton, Andrew Brown (cl, as), Chu Berry, Walter Thomas (ts), Bennie Payne (p), Danny Baker (g), Milton Hinton (sb), Leroy Maxey (dm), Cab Calloway (vo, ldr).


Deep in a Dream (Jimmy Van Heusen, Edgar De Lange*) – known professionally as Eddie DeLange


above (left to right): Rosetta Tharpe, Duke Ellington (playing guitar), Rex Stewart, Cab Calloway (piano), unidentified guest, and Ivie Anderson in a private jam session, August 1939, NYC


Trylon Swing (Irving Mills, Earl Bostic)



A Bee Gezindt (Songwriters unknown)This title appears to be a corruption of Abi Gezunt!, a Yiddish phrase meaning “As long as you’re healthy!”


Papa’s in Bed With His Britches On (Jesse Stone)



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  1. kenny lucas
    Apr 15, 2011 @ 20:57:09

    Very unusual website, which, I like very much. There are so many many great links.



  2. doc
    Apr 27, 2011 @ 22:40:53

    Thanks Kenny,

    Very kind of you to comment. Glad you’ve enjoyed your visits.

    Warm regards, Jim



  3. Jackie
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 15:12:20

    Wow! So many fantastic photos and videos of Cab Calloway from back in the day. This is a real treasure trove — thank you so much for compiling and hosting these!



  4. doc
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 16:58:29

    Thanks Jackie,
    I’m planning to put together a Cab Calloway gallery which will combine images from several pages. – Jim



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