some additional standards and hits 1920-1929


Selected songs not featured in the pages 1920–1929 selected standards and hits:






Irving Berlin


Walter Donaldson — see Walter Donaldson: selected standards, hits, and other songs, 1918-1934

1922 — “Georgia” (m. Walter Donaldson, w. Howard Johnson)
1926(?) — “Don’t Be Angry With Me” (w.m. Walter Donaldson)
1927 — “At Sundown” (w.m. Walter Donaldson)
1929 —Kansas City Kitty” (m. Walter Donaldson, w. Edgar Leslie)

Duke Ellington: see Duke Ellington: selected songs, 1927-1953 + gallery

1927“East St. Louis Toodle-Oo,” “Black and Tan Fantasy,” “Creole Love Call”
1929“The Mooche

Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s

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