Indian Summer

Indian Summer (Victor Herbert, Al Dubin)


Herbert wrote the tune in 1919, but the song did not become a standard until much later. Sheet music exists for Everett Hoagland and Don Reid versions, dating to 1934 and 1939 respectively, but the provenance of the second of these, at least, is doubtful, as Reid may not even have formed an orchestra until 1944.

Dubin wrote his lyric for the song in 1939 and in 1940 Tommy Dorsey’s orchestra, with vocalist Frank Sinatra, took it to number one on the American Hit Parade.

Other notable versions :

  • Glenn Miller with vocalist Ray Eberle also charted in 1940 with a recording that reached #8 (according to
  • Sidney Bechet recorded in 1940 one of the first jazz versions of the tune, performing it on soprano sax
  • Coleman Hawkins’ 1945
  • Gene Krupa Orchestra
  • Ginny Simms
  • Paul Desmond
  • Ella Fitzgerald
  • Sarah Vaughan

Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra – 1940– Is that Frank Sinatra singing? The provider doesn’t identify the singer, but both and wikipedia claim that Sinatra sang the vocal on Dorsey’s hit that year. I don’t recognize the voice; and does not list a recording of this song that year (the only one listed is a 1967 recording).

Glenn Miller and his Orchestra, vocal: Ray Eberle – 1940

Sidney Bechet – 1940

Coleman Hawkins with Willie “The Lion” Smith on piano. The provider says it’s from Night Music which I suppose means the late night jazz show originally titled Sunday Night, later Michelob Presents Night Music. This show aired for two seasons between 1988 and 1990. They showed vintage clips along with featuring current artists.

Chet Baker Quartet

Chet Baker (t), Dick Twardzik (p), Jimmy Bond (b), Peter Littman (d). This is evidently from the “Lost Holland Concert.” If so, then the track was recorded 21 September 1955.

Chet Baker in Milan – 1959

Sarah Vaughan – 1985. I’ve been unable to find anything under the title that the provider gives for the laserdisc.


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