Misty (m. Erroll Garner, w. Johnny  Burke)

From jazzstandards.com:

In 1954 the Erroll Garner Trio introduced the instrumental “Misty.” A year later Johnny Burke penned the lyrics, creating the song we know today. “Misty” remained relatively unknown until Johnny Mathis popularized the vocal version with his million-selling recording in 1959.

WICN.org’s Song of the Week feature says:

The song enjoyed moderate success when Garner recorded it as an instrumental in 1954. Johnny Burke added the lyrics in 1955, and the song became a million-selling recording in 1959 when Johnny Mathis recorded it with vocals. Since then, it has become one of the most recorded ballads of all time. ASCAP named it one of the 25 most performed standards of the 20th Century.

Johnny Mathis – 1959


Erroll Garner

Filmed live at the BRT studio in Brussels, Belgium – 1962 says the provider


However, this dailymotion provider dates the same performance 1963


Live at the ConcertgebouwAmsterdam, Netherlands – 1969


Sarah Vaughan – She first recorded Misty in 1958.

Stockholm, Sweden – 1964 (television)


Billy Eckstine — undated by the provider; possibly from No Cover, No Minumum which was recorded live at the Cloud Nine Lounge of the New Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada – 30 August 1960.


Ella Fitzgerald – with the Tommy Flanagan Trio, London – 1960


Keely Smith – from her 1961 Dot album Swing, You Lovers, arranged and conducted by Gerald Dolin


Lesley Gore – from the singer’s 1963 debut album I’ll Cry If I Want To. You would cry, too, if it happened to you.



Richard “Groove” Holmes – Holmes included the song on a couple of 1966 albums: Soul Message, and Living Soul, the second recorded live at Count Basie’s. The following video contains a drastically abbreviated single issue from 1966.


Stan Getz and Chet Baker – I’ve hunted high and low, and found not a hint of the album or session.


Donny Hathaway – 1970

From what appears to be a blurb touting a 2008 TV documentary, Unsung: The Story Of Donny Hathaway:

Indeed Donny Hathaway is responsible for creating and influencing today’s modern R&B vocal style for all male vocalist of our time. Before Donny Hathaway, no R&B male singer or performer was singing riffs, incorporating high notes or bringing down the house with soulful, melodic vocals. Donny Hathaway was the first to do it……………….not Lurther Vandross, not Stevie Wonder, Not even Marvin Gaye. Singers like Usher, Neyo, Chris Brown, Boyz II Men, Jodeci, Dru Hill, Musiq Soulchild, Anthony Hamilton, Lyfe and so many others copy the vocal styles and even tonality that Donny Hathaway created.


Johnny Mathis – on French TV, Mireille Mathieu Special, 1973


Joe Pass – from the DVD The Genius of Joe Pass, a compilation of filmed and videotaped performances from the period 1962-1982. I haven’t yet narrowed it down any further than that.


Ray Naluz and his Alto Sexy Sax – An instrumental by saxophonist Ray Naluz of Dorthmund, Germany


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