Any Little Girl, That’s a Nice Little Girl, Is the Right Little Girl for Me


Any Little Girl, That’s a Nice Little Girl, Is the Right Little Girl for Me (m. Fred Fisher*, w. Thomas J. Gray) – *The name is spelled as Fischer on the sheet covers. It’s possible that he changed the spelling of his name years after immigrating from Germany.

From Wikipedia:

Fisher was born in Cologne, Germany, and immigrated to the United States in 1900. His first hit was “If the Man In the Moon Were a Coon”, in 1906. The song combined two then-popular song themes, Moon songs and Coon songs. On a number of his songs, he collaborated with Alfred Bryan.

About the song Wikipedia says:

Although largely forgotten today (like many popular songs of the era), a 1911 recording of the song by Billy Murray on Zon-O-Phone Records can be downloaded at several websites, as the recording has entered the public domain. It was also featured in a Max Fleischer “Follow the Bouncing Ball” sing-a-long animated cartoon in the early 1930s.

Walter Van Brunt – 1910


Ada Jones and male chorus. This is probably incomplete as Jones only sings a couple of lines, yet she is evidently the featured vocalist.The chorus sounds like The American Quartet featuring Billy Murray.


Animated short Any Little Girl, That’s a Nice Little Girl (1931), featuring Betty Boop; directed by Dave Fleischer, produced by Max Fleischer


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