Touch Me In the Morning


Touch Me In the Morning (Michael Masser, Ronald Miller)

The song was first recorded by Diana Ross, featuring an arrangement by Tom Baird and Gene Page, produced by Michael Masser and Tom Baird. Issued on 3 May 1973, the single Motown 1239F, b/w “I Won’t Last a Day Without You,” climbed to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (1 week, 18 August), and remained on the chart for 21 weeks. It also topped the Adult Contemporary chart, and became a #5 R&B hit. A somewhat shorter version appeared as the first track of  the 1973 Diana Ross album Touch Me in the Morning, Motown MKK 1008, released on 22 June 1973.

Diana Ross, feathers (1a)1973 Touch Me in the Morning (LP)-Diana Ross-1977 reissue, Kory Records KK 1008

From Wikipedia:

Diana Ross-Touch Me in the Morning (fr)It was conceived by then-unproven songwriter and producer Michael Masser. He had been recruited by Motown CEO Berry Gordy and A&R chief Suzanne de Passe. Masser teamed up with the proven ballad lyricist Ron Miller to write it.

According to Masser, in a video documentary about Ross, she “always tried to push hard to get the vocals right for this particular song”, calling it a “draining experience” that resulted in several near-emotional breakdowns when she wasn’t up to her abilities. It was recorded in the early morning hours, as was her custom after she began raising her children. In a Barbara Walters Mother’s Day interview special, her second-oldest daughter, Tracee Ellis Ross, said Diana would put them to bed and record all night, in order to wake her children and send them to school the next morning.

1973 Touch Me in the Morning-Diana Ross single-Tamla Motown (france)-2-c-006-945081973 Touch Me in the Morning-Diana Ross-single Tamla Motown (Netherland) 5C 006-94.508

1973 Touch Me in the Morning-Diana Ross-single Tamla Motown (Italy) Tamla Motown TSM-NP 64161, Tamla Motown TSM NP 64161

Diana Ross

single Motown 1239F, b/w “I Won’t Last a Day Without You,” issued on 3 May 1973 — At 3:51, the single is 25 seconds longer than the album track


MFSB — from the 1973 LP Love Is the Message, Philadelphia International Records KZ 32707; also issued as the B-side of the 1974 single TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia) in some countries, including Germany, Italy, and Portugal


 Billy Green and the Love Machine — instrumental from the 1974 LP Satin Soul, EMI (Brazil) EMI Records EMCB 7007


John O’Banion — from the John O’Banion Show (TV), May 1974


1976 (LP) 2000 Volts of Holt, Trojan Records TRLS 134 (front)1976 (LP) 2000 Volts of Holt, Trojan Records TRLS 134 (back)

John Holt — from the album 2000 Volts of Holt, Trojan Records TRLS 134, released in 1976


Marlena Shaw — 12″ 33 1/3 rpm promo disc, Columbia ‎ AS 67, released in 1979; a shorter version appeared on her 1979 album Take a Bite, on the cover of which she appears braless in a see-through blouse


Diana Ross, at Caesars Palace, 1979 (1)-sh15-ct+50

Diana Ross — live at Ceasars Palace, in Las Vegas, 1979 — from the 1980 HBO Standing Room Only: Diana Ross television special (full concert)




The Nolans — from their 1980 LP Making Waves, Epic (UK) S EPC 10023


Hattie Littles — presumably from her 1992 LP Borderline, Motorcity Records (UK) ‎MOTCCD79


 Diana Ross —  from VH1 Divas 2000: A Tribute To Diana Ross, recorded live on 9 April 2000 at Madison Square Garden


piano solo by med28qc, uploaded on 4 December 2008


Matthew Hart — piano solo, uploaded on 4 February 2012


unidentified trio — voice, acoustic guitar, cajón — uploaded by Cesar Adrian Cabahug on 3 September 2013


Diana Ross — live, date unknown


Diana Ross, feathers (3)Diana Ross-Touch Me In the Morning, feathers (2)

1973 Touch Me in the Morning (LP)-Diana Ross-Motown MKK 1008 (1)helpful links:



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