Wave (Vou te contar)


Wave (Vou te contar) — music and original Portuguese lyric by Antônio Carlos Jobim; English lyric also by Jobim


An instrumental version was recorded by Jobim for his 1967 album Wave. The alternate title is from the first three words of the original Portuguese lyric, “Vou te contar,” a phrase which means “I’ll tell you” in English.

Tom Jobim — first track on his third album, Wave, released in 1967


(below) same recording as above, from a Jobim documentary


Walter Wanderly — recorded on 16 May 1967, with vocal by Talya Ferro. It appeared on side two of 1967 LP Batucada

From the AllMusic review of the album, by John Bush:

Fortunately, Walter Wanderley sticks mostly to Brazilian standards on Batucada, and though his lounge-organ sound occasionally veers close to the edge where cool jazz becomes easy listening, the album is well-recorded. His organ is occasionally more reminiscent of a hockey rink accompanist than a jazz improviser, but he slips and slides around on the keys and employs an endearing and quintessentially Brazilian less-is-more approach.


Sérgio Mendes and Brasil ’66 — from the album Equinox, released in 1967 — perhaps the first instance of the English lyric being used in a recording


Frank Sinatra — recorded on 11 February 1969, featuring an arrangement by Eumir Deodato, and released on the 1970 album Sinatra & Company

According to Wikipedia, “Sinatra sung his lowest note, a low E♭ [2],” on this recording.


Oscar Peterson

Oscar Peterson Trio with Orchestra — recorded in 1969, New York and Villingen, Germany; released on the 1969 album Motions & Emotions, MPS Records ‎68 079 and MPS 15251 ST

Claus Ogerman – arranger, orchestra conducted by
Oscar Peterson – piano
Sam Jones – bass
Bobby Durham – drums


Oscar Peterson Trio — from the BBC “Piano Party” TV series, London, 1976

Oscar Peterson – piano
Kenny Baldock – double bass
Martin Drew – drums


Oscar Peterson Trio — live in Italy, 1985

Oscar Peterson – piano
Joe Pass – guitar
Niels-Henning Örsted Pedersen – bass


Ahmad Jamal-1

Ahmad Jamal — from the album The Awakening which was recorded 2 & 3 February 1970


João Gilberto

From the 1977 album Amoroso


Roma — August 1983


Tom Jobim and Toquinho — live performance of 18 October 1978, featuring Tom Jobim,Vinícius De Moraes, Toquinho, and Miúcha


Isao Suzuki — from the album My Spare Time, 1978


Barney Kessel Trio — Switzerland, 1979 — Barney Kessel: guitar, Jim Richardson: bass, Tony Mann: drums

also from the same session (Dailymotion.com): Autumn Leaves


Tom Jobim — Montreal Jazz Festival at Place des Arts, 1986

Antônio Carlos Jobim – piano
Jaques Morelenbaum – violoncelo
Paulo Jobim – guitar
Danilo Caymmi – flute
Sebastião Neto – bass
Paulo Braga – drums


Tom Jobim with Herbie Hancock, et al — from An All-Star Tribute to Tom Jobim, live concert in São Paolo, 1993

Tom Jobim – piano, voice
Herbie Hancock – piano
Ron Carter – bass
Oscar Castro Neves – guitar
Paulo Jobim – guitar
Harvey Mason – drums
Alex Acuña – percussion


Gal Costa – live, 1999


Charlie Byrd Trio — live in New Orleans, date unknown — Charlie Byrd (g), Joe Byrd (b), Chuck Redd (d)


LiliclubVou Te Contar, from the 1997 compilation album by various artists,  A Tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim


Daniel Jobim and Luiza JobimVou Te Contar, opening theme of the telenovela Páginas da Vida, 2006-2007, and first track of the soundtrack album



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  1. Richard Bishop
    Sep 14, 2012 @ 14:45:36

    Excellent reporting — finally some light on this outstanding recording. Out of hundreds of “covers” on Youtube and many “tries” under Antonio Carlos Jobim and Astrud Gilberto, now appear the names of the actual young artists Daniel and Luiza Jobim and the fact that this is not a CD but really a soundtrack from a TV telenova from Brazil; the song “Wave” appearing as Song Track # 1.

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    • doc
      Sep 14, 2012 @ 15:53:38

      Richard, Thanks. But, it is not clear to me that the track is not from a Soundtrack CD. It could be from either a DVD or a CD for all I know. Didn’t find as much information on this recording as I would have liked. However, the shape of the image (square) suggests that it is from a CD rather than DVD, which would ordinarily have a rectangular image.



  2. Richard Bishop
    Sep 29, 2012 @ 06:22:06

    Dear Doc: How about some free advice? When I click on your videos half of them say: “UMG says ‘no dice’ – you’re in Germany.” When I go directly to Youtube’s site, at the bottom of their page, is a feature to change “Germany” to “Worldwide.” It works fine there, but when I come back here, it’s the same all over again . . . . I can listen to only about half the offerings. Any hope that your site can lift UMG’s iron grip on certain videos with a “Worldwide” feature?

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    • doc
      Sep 29, 2012 @ 10:16:11



      Good questions. Is this issue really affecting half of the videos you attempt to play on my site? 50%? That’s surprising. As a Youtube user I’m aware that copyright claims made by music groups, particularly by majors WMG, UMG, Sony, and EMI are ongoing issues which frequently conspire to interfere with one’s (perhaps naive) conviction that music videos ought to be freely available and embeddable, without geographical or other restrictions. I wasn’t aware, until you mentioned a specific problem, of issues unique to Youtube access in Germany.

      Re: the question “Any hope that your site can lift UMG’s iron grip on certain video with a “Worldwide” feature?”

      I don’t know what I could possibly do. Have you any suggestions? In short, if I understand the question correctly: I’m not aware of any action I can take in the way of modifications of either my (free WordPress.com account) site settings, or modifications of the videos I embed on the site which would improve the likelihood of a visitor gaining access to Youtube videos. What I can do is to replace those videos that get removed from or blocked at the source (video library) as soon as possible. I estimate that on average probably not more than 3-4% of the several thousand videos embedded on Songbook are unplayable for various reasons (e.g. video removed, video blocked due to copyright claims, account suspended, etc.).

      Access issues unique to certain countries must be treated as a separate category, one which is beyond the realm of control of websites created and managed in country X visited by Mr. Y in country Z. Youtube access issues in Germany may be greater than the norm due to particular legal disputes between German courts and Youtube. For example, I found the following quote in a Google Product Forums thread, dated 21 July 2011 (7/21/11):

      On the subject of it being blocked in Germany, that’s a different issue. Due to an ongoing dispute about the terms of YouTube’s broadcasting licence in Germany, YouTube can’t legally broadcast most commercial music in Germany, even if it is correctly licenced.

      And in the Wikipedia article on Youtube, we find the following under the subheading “Copyright Material”:

      In April 2012, a court in Hamburg ruled that YouTube could be held responsible for copyrighted material posted by its users. The performance rights organization GEMA argued that YouTube had not done enough to prevent the uploading of German copyrighted music. YouTube responded by stating: “We remain committed to finding a solution to the music licensing issue in Germany that will benefit artists, composers, authors, publishers and record labels, as well as the wider YouTube community”.

      I’m not sure the Wikipedia paragraph is relevant to most of the music found on my site, since the ruling may apply only to German copyrights. However, such a ruling may have had uncertain consequences with respect to access to Youtube videos in your country.

      What can you do?
      I’m curious about your statement, “When I go directly to Youtube’s site, at the bottom of their page, is a feature to change Germany to Worldwide.” So your Youtube global location is set on “Germany” by default? Mine is set on “Worldwide” by default. But, then again, there is no “USA” option. Are you logged in to Youtube when you experience the blocked videos issue, or does it always happen? I don’t really know if that makes any difference.

      You might try using a proxy server or web proxy. One of the things these can do is allow you to change the country code of your apparent IP address, the address websites see. My experience with such tools is very limited. So I can’t recommend any specific products.



  3. Richard Bishop
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 16:00:04

    Dear Doc: As usual, your answer is the most thorough I could find outside of consulting an Attorney. No, I was not logged in to Youtube….. just a casual Surfer. And you are correct about how the default works. My Computer (or my Server) has me “branded;” at the time of each attempted “hit” and the default is there (it’s smarter than I am and I can’t change that !) But, thanks a million for taking the time to fill me in.
    If it helps you, I could watch (by using the search word “Wave”) on your site:
    1. HD 720 p Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “Wave, Frank …
    2. Oscar Peterson Trio, “Wave”
    3. Wave By Joao Gilberto
    4. Wave – Daniel & Luiza Jobim + Lyrics
    5. Vou te Contar
    6. Wave – Tom Jobim & Toquinho
    all others that turned-up on the screen turned me down. Those clips listed by me must be outside UMG’s security umbrella and perhaps hold non-USA Copyrights.

    Thanks so much and I now realize the scope of the problem and of, course, there is nothing a site can do about this.

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    • doc
      Oct 01, 2012 @ 01:29:52


      Sorry to hear that you continue to encounter problems with playback on the site. I tested each of the 17 videos in this page today. All played. But I certainly haven’t been free of playback blocks on Youtube videos supposedly instituted because of copyright claims. They’ve been doing it here in the US as well for at least three years, though the percentage of videos affected at any particular time has fluctuated widely during that period.

      I’ve got lots of unanswered questions about these claims and why playback blocks are sometimes applied only on “certain sites” in the US (The reasons for select treatment of these chosen sites is never given, nor any other details about why this site and not that site has onsite playback disabled). I quote the following paragraph from a post I wrote and published on Songbook in November 2010 (since withdrawn, perhaps temporarily):

      First, let us consider again this little puzzle: Youtube expects us to believe that the music companies don’t want one of these restricted videos to be viewed on a small site like mine, which seldom gets more than 40 to 50 visitors to any single page, other than the homepage, in a day (and rarely more than a few plays* of any single video in 24 hours), but they do want it to be viewed by potentially hundreds of thousands on Youtube. And that’s how to protect copyrights.

      That was published during a period when the majors and Youtube were conspiring to destroy sites such as mine by blocking playback on 30-50% of the embedded videos. The percentage of videos prevented from playback on my site was twenty times higher than normal and still growing when I published an article here titled “BLACKLISTED by Youtube: The Youtube non-playable embeddable video hustle, part one,” and the problem persisted for a few months if I recall correctly. I countered their aggressive blockade by also hunting for videos at a lot of other libraries.

      While heavily supplementing my Youtube video harvests with videos collected from many other libraries it became clear that the so-called copyright claims reported by Youtube weren’t affecting videos at several other US based video libraries at all. I found, for example, that at least three other large California-based libraries very seldom ever presented users with the restriction and disabling issues rampant with Youtube videos at the time. I refer to the general practice of outright removal of recently posted videos, and sometimes the associated Youtube accounts, due to such questionable claims. Only Youtube and Google (which owns Youtube) were doing this routinely, everyday, and evidently to thousands of recently posted videos.

      A mysterious aspect of Youtube’s practices regarding copyright claims is the fact that a week, or even hours, after a video is removed from Youtube due to copyright claims, it may reappear on Youtube, unblocked and unaccompanied by claims (for awhile) along with several other videos containing the same recording. This suggests that certain recordings, film clips, etc. are allowed by the copyright claimants, but with time restrictions applied either to the video IDs or to the posting accounts.

      Another tactic used by Youtube in attempts to force you to view videos at their site rather than at other sites which embed them are notices to those attempting onsite playback such as, “This video contains content from UMG [or one of the others]. It is restricted from playback on certain sites. Watch on Youtube.”

      Here’s another excerpt from my November 2010 article:

      Is Google-owned Youtube being paid to prevent on-site playback of these videos? Or, conversely, are they paying for the right to allow them to be played on their site temporarily, while preventing “certain” others who haven’t paid from borrowing them? Either way, why does Youtube seem to be the only video library affected by these ostensible copyright claims? [I soon discovered that Google videos were similarly affected] Why do the prohibitions, like the periodic disablings of videos, affect embedded videos from Youtube and not from dailymotion.com, or numerous other video libraries I’ve used?

      Location of the headquarters of some major video libraries (as of November 2010):

      Youtube: San Bruno, California
      Dailymotion: Paris, France
      Metacafe: Palo Alto, CA
      Veoh: San Diego, CA
      Google videos: Mountain View, CA
      Tudou.com: Shanghai, People’s Republic of China
      Yahoo! video: Sunnyvale, CA
      Kewego: Paris, France
      Yandex.ru: Moscow, Russian Federation
      Onru.ru: Russian Federation

      It’s a bit more difficult to acquire videos from some of these libraries now because the tool I used then, Vodpod Firefox Extension for WordPress, doesn’t exist anymore. I use Gigya shortcodes now, but this can be tricky with some libraries. Also, videos from some of these libraries are less reliable when embedded today than they were two years ago.

      * Update, 3 January 2014: The statement “rarely more than a few plays of any single video in 24 hours” makes me wonder. Did I sometimes get “a few” clicks on a single video then? I don’t anymore. The count is always one or none. I don’t know about anyone else, but I may play a video ten times in half an hour if I like it, and then come back for more later. My stats suggest that either 1. my visitors never play a video more than once during any day, or 2. replays of any single video during the same day as the first play are not counted.



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