All I Have to Do is Dream


From Wikipedia (excerpts):

All I Have to Do is Dream (Felice and Boudleaux Bryant)

By far the best-known version was recorded by The Everly Brothers and released as a single in April 1958. It had been recorded in just two takes [1] on March 6, 1958 and features Chet Atkins on guitar. It is the only single to be at #1 on all of Billboard’s singles charts simultaneously, on June 2, 1958. It first reached #1 on the “Most played by Jockeys” and “Top 100” charts on May 19, 1958, and remained there for five and three weeks, respectively; with the August 1958 introduction of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the song ended the year at #2. “All I Have to Do Is Dream” also hit number one on the R&B charts [2] as well as becoming The Everly Brothers’ third number one on the country chart [3]. The Everly Brothers briefly returned to the Hot 100 in 1961 with this song.


The Everly Brothers

1958 single


live, c.1958

Presently unavailable


Shindig!, 1964


Royal Albert Hall – September 1983 reunion


Paul Anka — 1963


Richard Chamberlain — 1963


Roy Orbison — from the  1963 LP In Dreams


Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell — 1968


The Nylons — from their LP Rockapella, 1989


– c. January 2010


Versions in other languages


Pendant les vacances — text: Hubert Ithier, Claude Carrère — This was the second version with French lyrics. The first, titled Line, with lyrics by Eddy Mitchell, was recorded by Mitchell’s band Les Chaussettes Noires in 1962.

Sheila – 1963



100 volte lei — text: Maurizio Vandelli

Donatello – 1970

Presently unavailable


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