A Thousand Miles Away / Daddy’s Home


A Thousand Miles Away (James Sheppard and William H. Miller)

The Heartbeats — issued in September 1956 on 45rpm single Hull 45-H-720, b/w “Oh Baby Don’t,” and in November 1956 on 45 rpm single Rama RR-216, b/w “Oh Baby Don’t” (Discogs shows that 10″ 78 rpm singles were also released in 1956 on both the Hull and Rama labels.)

According to Wikipedia, the single reached #5 on the (US Billboard) R&B singles chart and #52 on the Hot 100. Wikipedia also notes that the song was featured in the soundtrack of the 1973 film American Graffiti.


The Diamonds — issued on 3 December 1956 on Mercury 71021X45, b/w “Ev-ry Minute Of The Day”


Danny and the Juniors — issued in August 1960 on Swan 4060, as the B-side of “Twistin’ USA” (single also issued as Swan S 4060, and S-4060)


Day Brothers — issued in September 1960 on Chancellor C 1059, b/w “Somebody Else is Taking My Place”



The Fleetwoods — originally released on the 1962 album The Fleetwoods Sing The Best Goodies Of The Oldies – Volume One, Dolton Records BLP-2011 (Mono), BST 8011 (Stereo)


Big Bo and The Arrows, featuring Fred Lowery — issued in January 1964 on Checker 1068, b/w “I Done Got Over It”


Daddy’s Home — (James Sheppard, William H. Miller, Clarence Bassett, Charles Baskerville) — adapted from “A Thousand Miles Away” (James Sheppard, William H. Miller)

James Sheppard knew a good tune when he co-wrote one. Why not use it twice? According to the Shep and the Limelites page at Wikipedia,

Kahl Music, publisher of “A Thousand Miles Away,” an earlier song written by Sheppard, sued Keel Music, publisher of “Daddy’s Home,” for copyright violation. Keel eventually lost, and this resulted in the end of the Limelites and Hull Records in 1966. [Clarence] Bassett joined The Flamingos and [Charles] Baskerville joined The Players and then The Drifters.[1] Sheppard re-formed the Limelites in the late 1960s, but died on January 24, 1970.[1] *

Shep and the Limelites — recorded in NYC on 1 February 1961; issued in March 1961 on the single Hull 45-H-740; songwriting credits on the label: “Sheppard, Bassett, Baskerville”


* According to the Shep & the Limelites biography by Andrew Hamilton (AllMusic),

Sheppard reunited with the Limelites in 1970 to perform on the oldie revival circuit, but this quickly ended when Sheppard was found on January 24, 1970, shot to death in his car on the Long Island [E]xpressway.


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