ZOOM albums and singles, 1973-1978


  • 1973
    • Playgrounds, Good Fortune Enterprises ‎GFE 9000
      • vocals are by the season 1 cast members
  • 1973-1976 This Old Man/Always Friends singles
  • 1974
  • 1977
    • ZOOM Tunes, Rounder Records ‎8005
      • dated 1978 at some sites
      • “ZOOMers” listed on the album cover are primarily cast members of season 4 (1974-75). Many of the songs were performed as either production numbers or regular features in ZOOM episodes of that season.



(below) 1973 LP Playgrounds, Good Fortune Enterprises ‎GFE 9000; recorded by members of the original ZOOM cast, and produced by Rupert Holmes

full album, posted on 9 October 2016, by Phil John


(below) Come On and ZOOM, A&M Records SP-3402, released in 1974

posted on 3 August 2020, by Greg Ehrbar



(below) ZOOM Tunes, Rounder Records ‎8005, released in 1977 (1978 according to some sites)

posted on 4 August 2020, by Greg Ehrbar


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