Hot Voodoo

That beat gives me a wicked sensation
My conscious wants to take a vacation
Got voodoo, head to toes

Hot voodoo — Burn my clothes
I want to start dancing, just wearing a smile

Hot Voodoo (m. Ralph Rainger, w. Sam Coslow)

Marlene Dietrich and chorus — in the film Blonde Venus (1932), produced and directed for Paramount Pictures by Josef von Sternberg with a screenplay by Jules Furthman and S. K. Lauren adapted from a story by Furthman and von Sternberg.

It is sung by Marlene Dietrich, with dancing provided by a chorus of girls decked in sequined leotards, feather tutus, and otherwise equipped and adorned in pseudo-primitive-tribal style: carrying spears and painted shields, and wearing large Afros (hairstyle) and heavy “tribal” face paint, the latter giving each face a mask-like appearance. After removing the head portion of her gorilla costume, Dietrich dons a blonde Shirley Temple-goes-Afro wig, and then removes the rest of gorilla outfit to reveal a glittery, heavily besequined costume festooned with tufts of ostrich feathers about the shoulders and hips.

IMDb indicates that the club at which the number is performed in the film is known as O’Connor’s.*

[vimeo 24008320 w=585&h=385]



* I don’t know if O’Connor’s is a real or fictional club. Also at IMDb, the “Star Cafe”, and an unnamed “Paris nightclub,” are given as the locations of two other performances in the film. There is no band identification for any of the five numbers listed at IMDb, other than “the orchestra” for “Hot Voodoo.”

Lys Gauty interprétait en 1932 cette version française


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