I Only Have Eyes for You


I Only Have Eyes for You (Harry Warren, Al Dubin)

The song was introduced in the film Dames (1934). It plays frequently as background music through the film, but there are two scenes in which it is featured. First it is sung by Dick Powell to Ruby Keeler during a ferry trip when he has a desire to tell her how he feels about her. The second instance is a big production number choreographed by Busby Berkeley, sung by Powell, Keeler and chorus.

Dick Powell — on the ferry


Dick Powell, Ruby Keeler, and chorus — Busby Berkeley production number


(above) Two views of Joan Blondell and chorus girls

Ruby Keeler and Dick Powell

Eddy Duchin and his Orchestra-1

Eddy Duchin and his Orcestra, vocal by Lew Sherwood — 1934


Jane Froman — 1934


Frank Sinatra –  probably the 27 August 1945 recording, with the Ken Lane Singers; arrangement by Axel Stordahl


Coleman Hawkins Quintet  — Roy Eldridge (tp), Coleman Hawkins (ts), Teddy Wilson (p), Billy Taylor (b), Cozy Cole (dm); recorded in New York on 31 January 1944


Peggy Lee with the Four of a Kind, featuring Buddy Cole on piano — 1947(?)


The Flamingos — originally issued in April 1959 on the single End E-1046 (also END 1046), b/w “Goodnight Sweetheart”

audio file, VBR MP3 (2.3 MB), from the collection 00 Love Mix 2 at archive.org:



Art Garfunkel — a #1 hit in the UK, #18 in the US in 1975



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