YES — Time and a Word, 1970 + “Survival” from the debut album, 1969


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Survival (Jon Anderson)

Don’t doubt the fact there’s life within you
Yesterday’s endings will tomorrow life give you
All that dies dies for a reason
To put its strength into the seasons

YES —  last track on their eponymous debut LP, released on 25 July 1969

Slide show video by vzqk50HD


1969 Beat Club performance

Referring to the just finished performance of “Looking Around,” Jon Anderson says, “Yeah. There you go. That was a song from the LP.” He then introduces the next song: “Here’s another one from the LP, a song called Survival. Hope you’re feeling alright and enjoy the rest of the show (he says).”

In this clip the performance of “Survival” is preceded by only the last two words of the Jon Anderson intro, transcribed above.


(below) video from the yesofficial YouTube channel, including the Anderson intro transcribed above, but not his comments on the previous song (video blocked in the US as of 11/13/2020)


YES — Time and Word, 1970

Side one

YES_1970_Time and a Word_c11. No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed (Richie Havens) – 4:48
2. Then (Jon Anderson) – 5:46
3. Everydays (Stephen Stills) – 6:08
4. Sweet Dreams (Jon Anderson, David Foster) – 3:50

Side two

5. The Prophet (Jon Anderson, Chris Squire) – 6:34
6. Clear Days (Jon Anderson) – 2:06
7. Astral Traveller (Jon Anderson) – 5:53
8. Time and a Word (Jon Anderson, David Foster) – 4:32

Videos 1 and 8 are from the DVD The Lost Broadcasts (2009).


1. No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed

The second part of the introduction of the YES version of this Richie Havens song is lifted from the opening arpeggios and fanfare of the “main title” in the title sequence of the 1958 western film The Big Country. Also, an instrumental break in the middle of the Yes recording of the song for Time and Word features the principle melody strain in the main title of The Big Country, as well as a reprise of the opening arpeggios and fanfare. These elements are also present in the live 1969 Beat Club performance of the song in the second video below.


Beat Club, 1969


(below) video blocked in the US as of December 2019, 11/13/2020


Title sequence of The Big Country (1958) — music by Jerome Moross

From the Wikpedia page on Jerome Moross:

His best-known film score is that for the 1958 movie The Big Country, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award for Original Music Score. According to Moross, he composed the main title after recalling a walk he took in the flatlands around Albuquerque, New Mexico, during a visit in October 1936, shortly before he moved to Hollywood.




2. Then


(above) The band has oddly switched the roles of Chris Squire and Tony Kaye for this lip-sync performance of “Then,” filmed on a jetty, from a 1970 Belgian TV special featuring four songs from Time and a Word (“Astral Traveller,” “Then,” “Everydays,” and “No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed”). IMDb gives the title of the Belgian TV short film as YES, and the release date as September 1970, indicating that it was broadcast in that month.

Though he was hired after all recording for the album was finished, Steve Howe appears throughout the 1970 Belgian TV special, and is also seen in the group picture on the front of the US version of the Time and a Word album cover.

Slide show video by


3. Everydays — featuring orchestral arrangement by Tony Cox; the clip in the video below is from the 1970 Belgian TV special featuring songs from Time and a Word

See my feature page on the song, including a transcription of the original lyric:


4. Sweet Dreams


5. The Prophet – Slide show video by


6. Clear Days


7. Astral Traveller

clip from the 1970 Belgian TV special


Slide show video by


8. Time and a Word — In its profile of The Lost Broadcasts, Wikipedia says this lip-sync performance was filmed for Belgian TV in 1970, and that it was broadcast once in February 1970.

This is not from the 1970 Belgian TV special YES, referred to above, which featured the four songs “Astral Traveller,” “Then,” “Everydays,” and “No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed” from the Time and a Word album, but not the title song, and was broadcast in September 1970.

video blocked in the US as of 11/13/2020



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