Non Dimenticar (T´ho voluto bene)


Non Dimenticar (original Italian title, T´ho voluto bene) – music: Gino Redi, a.k.a. Luigi Pulci, original Italian lyric by Michele Galdieri, English lyric by Shelley Dobbins. The song was introduced in the 1951 film Anna, in which it was performed by Silvana Mangano, her voice being dubbed by Flo Sandon’s. Born Mammola Sandon, Flo Sandon’s acquired her odd stage surname due to an error by an illustrator of the cover of her first album.

Titles under which the song has been recorded include:
T´ho voluto bene (original)
T´ho voluto tanto bene
If You Said Goodbye
Non Dimenticar (Don’t Forget)
Non Dimenticar

According to a profile of the song at, the song should have been called “Non Dimenticar” originally, but the existence of a popular standard titled “Non dimenticar le mie parole”* led to a different title being chosen. The article suggests that Nat King Cole’s 1958 recording of the song (#45 Hot 100) “engraved” the song with a new title. Cole’s use of the title “Non Dimenticar” may have been influential, but he wasn’t the first to use it as an alternate for “T´ho voluto bene.” Percy Faith recorded two early instrumental versions of the song. His 1953 recording is titled “If You Said Goodbye.” The title “Non Dimenticar (Don’t Forget)” was chosen for the 1954 recording released by Faith, before Michel Legrand (1955) and Nat King Cole (1958) followed suit.

Flo Sandon's 2

Flo Sandon’s dubbing for actress Silvana Mangano in the film Anna (1951)


(below) The illusion that the actress Silvana Mangano sang the song in Anna was evidently carried over to the following MGM single released in Sweden


(Below) Another Flo Sandon’s recording, date unknown


1953 Percy Faith Plays Continental Music-Columbia CL 5251953 Percy Faith Plays Continental Music-Columbia CL 525 (Mono)

Percy Faith and his Orchestra — “If You Said Goodbye” — from the LP Percy Faith Plays Continental Music (Columbia CL 525), released on 31 August 1953, according to


1954 Non Dimenticar (Don't Forget)-Percy Faith-Columbia 4-40155

Percy Faith and his Orchestra —  1954 single Columbia 4-40155, “Non Dimenticar (Don’t Forget),” b/w “They Can’t Take That Away From Me”


Michel Legrand and his Orchestra — from the 1955 album Holiday in Rome, Columbia Cl 647


Sierra Exif JPEG

Jo Basile — from the 1957 album Rome With Love, Audio Fidelity AFLP 1822


Nat King Cole — single Capitol F456, b/w “Bend a Little My Way,” issued on 22 September 1958


Vic Damone — originally from the 1958 LP Angela Mia, Columbia CL 1088


1958 Ti Voglio Bene...I Love You-Joni James, MGM E3623

Joni James — from her 1958 album of Italian songs Ti Voglio Bene…I Love You


Katyna Ranieri — released as “Non Dimenticar (Don’t Forget)” in 1959


Connie Francis — from the 1959 LP Sings Italian Favorites, MGM Records SE3791 (Stereo), MGM Records E3791 (Mono)


Nat King Cole — live 1960 performance for the Italian TV Show “Il Musichiere,” hosted by Mario Riva


1960 Roman Guitar-Tony Mottola, Command RS 816 SD (Stereo)

Tony Mottola and his Orchestra — from the 1960 LP Roman Guitar, Command Records RS 33-816 (Mono), RS 816 SD (Stereo)


Dean Martin – from his 1962 album Dino: Italian Love Songs


1962 Italiano-Frankie Avalon-Chancellor CHL-5025-50p-d35-hx10

Frankie Avalon — from the 1962 album Italiano, Chancellor Records CHL-5025 (Mono), CHLS-5025 (Stereo)


Emilio Pericoli — date unknown (1962?), from the album Canta en Ingles e ItalianoExitos De Oro De Italia, which seems to be a compilation


Johnny Dorelli — “T´ho voluto tanto bene” — Dalla trasmissione Johnny 7 del 1964 Tele Ricordi


1970 Non Dimenticar, b-w Innamorati a Milano, Variety (Italy) F 45 NP 10158 (c1)

Rossano (Rossano Attolico) — 1970 single “Non Dimenticar,” b/w “Innamorati a Milano,” (Italy) Variety F 45 NP 10158


Giuseppe Di Stefano — from the 1977 album Giuseppe Di Stefano, on the Tam-Tam Media label



* Judging solely by number of covers available at Youtube, Non dimenticar le mie parole has evidently remained the more popular of the two in Italy. I don’t know when it was written, but Emilio Levi & Trio Lescano recorded it in 1937.

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  1. David
    May 26, 2014 @ 07:01:57

    Here’s Peggy Lee singing “Non Dimenticar” in 1960:

    She recorded the song for her Capitol album “Olé ala Lee,” also in 1960.


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