My Little Buckaroo



My Little Buckaroo (m. M.K. Jerome, w. Jack Scholl)

Dick Foran — in the film The Cherokee Strip (1937)


Bing Crosby with Victor Young and his Orchestra – recorded on 8 March 1937; issued in 1937 on Decca 2679, as the B-side of “I’m an Old Cowhand”


The Moylan Sisters in the Vitaphone short Toyland Casino (1938)

The introduction: And now, here are two girls from the wide open spaces, where men are men, and mothers make you wash behind your ears…The Moylan Sisters!”


Close your sleepy eyes,
My little buckaroo
While the light of the western skies is shinin’ down on you
Don’t you know it’s time for bed, another day is through
So go to sleep,
My little buckaroo

Don’t you realize,
My little buckaroo,
It was from a little acorn that the oak tree grew *
And remember Buffalo Bill was once a kid like you **
So go to sleep,
My little buckaroo

Soon you’re gonna ride the range like grown up cowboys do
Now it’s time that you were roundin’ up a dream or two
So go to sleep,
My little buckaroo


Roy Rogers & Dale Evans  with the Sons of the Pioneers – from a transcription of a March 1947 episode of a Roy Rogers radio show broadcast

In the introduction, Roy dedicates the performance to his son Dusty, who he says was “five months old yesterday.” According to an obituary of Roy Rogers senior in the LA Times, dated July 7, 1998, Roy “Dusty” Rogers, Jr. was born on 28 October 1946.


(below) without the introduction


* Dick Foran sings “tiny acorn,” whereas the phrase is “little acorn” in each of the other recordings included here.

** In the versions by the Moylan Sisters and Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, the phrase “that your dad” replaces “Buffalo Bill.”


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