Wild Is the Wind


Wild Is the Wind (m. Dimitri Tiomkin, w. Ned Washington) was written for the 1957 film of the same name. The soundtrack recording is by Johnny Mathis.

About the film:


Johnny Mathis – 1957


A chronology of selected cover versions from Wikipedia (edited):


Nina Simone – from the album Nina Simone at Town Hall, recorded live at Town Hall, NYC, 15 September 1959. Wikipedia says studio tracks were recorded the next month. Some reviewers have commented upon the fact that canned applause is added to some of the studio tracks on the album to make them sound live. One, at rateyourmusic.com, complains that such adulteration was done on “most of her so-called live albums.” I haven’t been able to verify this yet.

Oddly, the duration of the track is listed as variously between 3:22 and 3:34 at several sites I visited.



Patty Waters

From the biography by Richie Unterberger at AllMusic:

Largely overlooked during her brief recording career in the mid-’60s, Patty Waters has come to be appreciated as a vocal innovator in not just jazz, but contemporary music as a whole. Much of her repertoire was given over to hushed piano solo ballads, in which her voice could fade to a whisper that was barely audible. What really attracted attention were her avant-garde outings, in which she stretched and mutated her voice with contorted shrieks and wails that could be downright blood-curdling. Producing an unsettling effect that is definitely not for everybody… [read more]

From the 1966 album College Tour, (US) ESP Disk 1055; the back cover of the album contains the note, “Recorded “Live” by David B. Jones during the N.Y. State College Tour of April, 1966″

Patty Waters – vocals
Burton Greene – piano
Steve Tintweiss – bass
Shelly Rusten – drum


David Bowie — from his 1976 album Station to Station

RCA Victor released the track, or various edits of it (length varying from 5:49 to 5:58) as a single, b/w Golden Years, in 1981 in the UK, Germany, and Spain, and in France in 1982. It also appeared on the compilation Changestwobowie, released in November 1981.

full album track/single – 5:58


(below) Official Bowie video, dated 1982, featuring an abbreviated lip sync performance with a small combo: acoustic guitar, bass, drum, unplayed saxophone, and invisible electric guitar


Xymox – from the 1993 album Headcloud


Billy MacKenzie and Steve Aungle – live 1994


George Michael – from Songs From the Last Century, 1999. Other standards from the classic American songbook era on the album include:  Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?, You’ve Changed, My Baby Just Cares for Me, I Remember You, Secret Love, and Where or When.


Bat for Lashes (aka Natasha Khan) — 2010?


Esperanza Spalding – live in San Sebastián, Spain, 23 July 2009


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