Happy Days Are Here Again


Happy Days Are Here Again (m. Milton Ager , w. Jack Yellen)

1929 recordings include those by Leo Reisman and his Orchestra, with vocal by Lou Levin, and Sam Lanin & his Orchestra. In 1930 it was used in the film Chasing Rainbows.

From Wikipedia:

Today, the song is usually remembered as the campaign song for Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s successful 1932 presidential campaign. According to Time magazine, it gained prominence after a spontaneous decision by Roosevelt’s advisers to play it at the 1932 Democratic National Convention, and went on to become the Democratic Party’s “unofficial theme song for years to come”.[6] The song is also associated with the Repeal of Prohibition, which occurred shortly after Roosevelt’s election where there were signs saying “Happy days are beer again” and so on.[7]

Leo Reisman & his Orchestra, vocal by Lou Levin – recorded in November 1929



Sam Lanin & his Orchestra – 1929


Charles King – 1930


Annette Hanshaw – 1930


Jack Hylton and his Orchestra – 1930


Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand – medley “Get Happy” / “Happy Days Are Here Again”; from Episode #9 of The Judy Garland Show, taped October 4, 1963


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