Boswell Sisters: selected recordings of 1934


You Oughta Be in Pictures (My Star of Stars) (Heyman-Suesse)

New York,  23 mar 34 – Dorsey Brothers Orchestra: Manny Klein (tpt), Chuck Campbell, Tommy Dorsey, prob. Glenn Miller (tbn), Jimmy Dorsey (cl, as), prob. Lyle Bowen (as), Larry Binyon (ts), Fulton McGrath or Martha Boswell (p), Dick McDonough (g), Artie Bernstein (sb), prob. Ray McKinley (d)


Alexander’s Ragtime Band (Irving Berlin) Recorded 23 may 34 New York – Studio orchestra, Victor Young (dir)


Rock and Roll (Clare-Whiting) – Mcafee reports that the song appeared in the Reliance feature film Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round (1934). The sisters sang it “with Jean Sargent and chorus, probably Jimmy Grier Orchestra.” A Youtube provider who spins the record confirms that the music was played by Grier’s orchestra.

I was unable to find that film segment. This audio track may be the same one used in the film minus the Jean Sargent and chorus parts.

The rocking and rolling of the lyrics refers consistently to the motion of the sea.


The Object of My Affection (Tomlin-Poe-Grier)  10 dec 34, Los Angeles – with Jimmy Grier And His Orchestra


Many of the 1934 recordings and most of those during 1935 and 1936 listed at the Boswell Sisters Discography of Guy McAfee are Connee Boswell solo recordings. I may do a feature page on her solo career eventually. Despite a new contract, with Decca, in 1936 the sisters ceased recording together that year, the last session being on 12 February 1936.

Following the disbanding of the group known affectionately to fans as “The Bozzies,” Connee continued her already successful solo career. She charted with singles from 1932 to 1954. Here is a list of her solo hits from Wikipedia:

Year Single Chart positions
1932 “Say It Isn’t So” 10
1934 “Isn’t It a Shame” 19
1935 “Moon Over Miami” 19
1936 “On the Beach At Bali Bali” 3
1937 “Whispers In the Dark” 9
“Bob White (Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight?)”(with Bing Crosby) 1
“Basin Street Blues”(with Bing Crosby) 12
1938 “Fare Thee, Honey, Fare Thee Well” 11
“I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart” 5
“Alexander’s Ragtime Band”(with Bing Crosby) 1
“Simple and Sweet” 12
1939 “An Apple For Teacher”(with Bing Crosby) 2
“Start the Day Right”(with Bing Crosby) 12
“At Least You Could Say Hello” 14
1940 “Between 18th & 19th On Chestnut Street”(with Bing Crosby) 12
“On the Isle of May” 3
“Let’s Be Buddies” 25
1941 “Sand In My Shoes” 24
“I’ll Keep On Loving You” 22
1942 “South Wind” 21
“Moonlight Mood” 22
“Why Don’t You Fall In Love With Me” 21
1946 “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” 9
“Who Told You That Lie?” 22
“Ole Buttermilk Sky” 14
1948 “You Were Meant For Me” 19
1952 “My Little Nest of Heavenly Blue” 25
1953 “Singin’ the Blues” 27
“Main Street On Saturday Night” 29
“I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter” 29
1954 “The Philadelphia Waltz” 30
“If I Give My Heart To You” 10

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