Which Way You Goin’ Billy?


1969-Poppy Family-Which Way You Goin' Billy-LP-1Poppy Family-1-f30

(above) left: debut album of the Poppy Family; right: group photo

Which Way You Goin’ Billy? (Terry Jacks)

The Poppy Family — London Records single 45-129, b/w Endless Sleep (Jody Reynolds, Dolores Nance), issued in September 1969; chart success: #1 Canada in October 1969, #2 US in June 1970 — personnel: Susan Jacks: vocal, Terry Jacks: rhythm guitar, Craig McCaw: lead guitar, Satwant Singh: drums, others



Billie Jo Spears — from her 1970 album Country Girl, Capitol ST-560, released in August 1970


The Top of the Poppers — from the LP Top of the Pops, Vol. 13, (UK) Hallmark Records ‎ CHM 700, released in September 1970


1974 Star For the Millions-Samantha Jones-(Benelux) Penny Farthing ‎6468 007

Samantha Jones — (as “Which Way You Going Billy”) originally released as the first track on the 1970 album The Other Jones, (UK) Penny Farthing ‎PELS 512; later included on the 1974 compilation Star For the Millions, (Benelux) Penny Farthing ‎6468 007


Cassandra “Cassie” James — from an episode of the Australian TV series Hit Scene, originally broadcast on 5 December 1970


John Holt — recorded as “Which Way You Going Baby” — released on the 1973 LP 1000 Volts of Holt (Jamaica) Sonic Sounds ‎TRLS 75, (UK) Trojan Records TRLS 75


Buffalo Bill — recording date unknown; Buffalo Bill was evidently a Swedish band, active from 1972 to 1974


Los Sportmen — (date unknown) Spanish lyrics version “Donde Estas Billy,” b/w “Todo lo que hago es soñar contigo” (“All I Have to Do is Dream”); evidently issued on the Mexican Orfeón label


Julie Quang — recorded under the title “Biệt Ly,” sometime “before 1975,” according to the video provider; the recording features both the original English lyrics and Vietnamese lyrics


Marie Osmond

from the 1976 Donny & Marie Osmond album New Season


(below) from the Donny & Marie Show – airdate: 18 February 1977


Hortense Ellis & Clint Eastwood — recorded as “Which Way You Going Natty” —  issued on 12″ 45 rpm singles on the Jamaican label Top Ranking and on the US label The Sting; the recording is identified and dated 1979 in a thread on the title at Roots Archives (roots-archives.com), by italdub:

I think you speak about the fabulous HORTENSE ELLIS & CLINT EASTWOOD’s discomix on Top Ranking (JA) and The Sting (US) labels?

The song’s name is ‘WICH YOU YOU ARE GOING NATTY’/ ‘DUBWISE DREDDY’ (1979) and it is produced by ROGER LEWIS (from Inner Circle) and Tommy Cowan, the manager of that group and their Top Ranking / Top Ranking Sounds / Top Ranking International and The Sting labels. The result are 8 minutes of ‘pure bonheur!’


Verna Charlton — from her 2010 album Cage the Songbird


Lala Suwages — uploaded to YouTube on 2 June 2011


Maria Elena Sànchez — uploaded to YouTube on 14 June 2011


Susan Jacks — live at Blue Frog Studios, 6 May 2013


Time Travellers — live performance, 2015; published 10 August 2015


Helen Doyle with Dublin City Tribute Band – recorded in Manchester; published on 1 October 2015


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