Summertime Sweethearts


Summertime Sweethearts (Where Do They Go in The Fall?) – m. Ted Snyder, w. Irving Kahal, Francis Wheeler

Sam Lanin and his Famous Players, vocal: Les Reis – take A, recorded on 30 September 1927 in NYC (OKeh matrix W81497); issued on the 78 rpm single OKeh 40913, b/w “A Siren Dream”

This side was also released on the following singles:

  • (Australia) Parlophone A 2357, b/w “A Siren Dream” — issued in 1928 under the pseudonym Ted Williams and his Famous Players
  • (UK) Parlophone R 3488, c/w “How Long Has This Been Going On” — issue date unknown


(below) Broadway Bellhops — recorded on 28 November 1927; issued on the 78 rpm single Harmony 546-H, c/w “For My Baby”

audio file, VBR MP3 (2.5 MB), from the Broadway Bellhops 78 RPM collection at


Other recordings

Mike Speciale and his Orchestra — recorded on 3 October 1927; issued on the 78 rpm singles Cameo 1257 and Lincoln 2722, c/w “Sorry” (m. Howdy Quicksell, w. Raymond Klages) in each case; flip-side recorded by the Dixie Daisies (Cameo pseudonym for Sam Lanin and his Orchestra)


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