Jitterbug Waltz + Fats Waller gallery


Jitterbug Waltz (Fats Waller)

From jazzstandards.com:

“Jitterbug Waltz” was inspired by some piano exercises that Waller’s son Maurice had been practicing on the piano. Fats and his band were appearing at the Panther Room in Chicago in early 1942, a gig they had done the previous year which had led to Waller’s composition “Pantin’ at the Panther.” According to Fats’ manager Ed Kirkeby in his biography Ain’t Misbehavin’: The Story of Fats Waller, it was during the six-week stint at the Panther that Waller penned the number and Kirkeby came up with the title. Two months later Waller recorded it in New York.

Fats Waller & his Rhythm1942



Art Tatum –  from the 1996 compilation album Art Tatum: 20th Century Piano Genius. The provider dates the recording 1955.


Michel Legrand and His Orchestra – from the album Legrand Jazz, 1958

Miles Davis: trumpet
Phil Woods: saxophone, alto
Jerome Richardson: saxophone, baritone
John Coltrane: saxophone, tenor
Herbie Mann: flute
Eddie Costa: vibraharp
Paul Chambers: bass,
Kenny Dennis: drums
Barry Galbraith: guitar
Betty Glamann: harp


Eric Dolphy – from his album Conversations, 1963

personnel (album):


Chet Atkins – Date unknown; c.1980 I’d guess.


Charlie Byrd – According to Second Hand Songs, Byrd first recorded the song in 1979.I don’t know the date of this live performance, but the provider says it is taken from the DVD Legends of Jazz Guitar, Vol. Two (2002*) — * Amazon give the release year as 2002, but other sites say 2001.


Scott Hamilton Quintet – undated; filmed by Paul Hubbard at The Hi-Hat, Providence RI — Scott Hamilton-tenor saxophone; Paul Schmeling-piano; Marshall Wood-bass; Jon Wheatley-guitar; Chuck Riggs-drums


Greg Osby – 2004


Trio, Dallas TX, 2007 (?)

brian mulholland: bass
rob avsaharian:  drums
terry hankins:  guitar


Acoustic Guitar Summit – live 17 August 2007

About the trio, the provider says:

Acoustic Guitar Summit is a trio of Grammy Award winning acoustic guitarists: Mark Hanson, Terry Robb, Doug Smith. To learn more go to: http://www.acousticguitarsummit.net.


Derek Smith – live at Solari’s Ristorante, Hackensack, NJ – 5 February 2008. Smith originally recorded the song in 1978. Quotes in this flight include Moon River (I think), in the introduction, and Brubeck’s Take Five.


Dick HymanMay 2010 –  recording for the public radio series Riverwalk Jazz, Pearl Stable, San Antonio, TX


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