“Baby Love” and The Supremes in Amsterdam and London, October 1964, with slide show & galleries


(above) Upon arrival in London on 6 October 1964, Berry Gordy and The Supremes are welcomed by members of the Tamla-Motown Appreciation Society — image from the Bentley Image Bank, Bentley Historical Library, at the University of Michigan Library Digital Collections website

Where Did Our Love Go, Supremes, Motown 621, released 31 August 1964Baby Love, The Supremes, Motown M-1066, issued 17 September 1965

Baby Love (Holland–Dozier–Holland)

The Supremes — “Baby Love” was originally released on the album Where Did Our Love Go, on 31 August 1964. On 17 September 1964, the single Motown M-1066* (Discogs.com, 45cat.com), b/w “Ask Any Girl” (Holland–Dozier–Holland) was issued. It became the second of five consecutive #1 Billboard Hot 100 singles by the Supremes, holding the top spot for four weeks, 25 October – 21 November 1964. “Baby Love” also topped the (US) Cash Box and Pop and R&B single charts**, and the UK pop chart. It was the first #1 hit in the UK by a Motown artist.


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(above) The Supremes at EMI House, and (below) Manchester Square and Christmas tree photo shoots, in pink dresses — October 1964

Evidence suggests that the group may have worn the same dresses for (see below) a TOTP appearance that was originally broadcast on 15 October, though possibly taped about a week earlier, and a performance at the Carré Theatre in Amsterdam on 14 October, as well as for the Manchester Square and Christmas tree photo shoots. I’ve no idea why they were photographed sitting beside a Christmas tree in October, but among the albums on display in those shots are the following:

(below) The Supremes lip-sync to “Baby Love” on an episode of Top of the Pops, originally broadcast on 15 October 1964 (possibly taped 7-8 October). It’s the debut UK television appearance by the Supremes.


Supremes in Amsterdam, 1964 by Ben van MeerendonkSupremes with Berry Gordy at Hilton Hotel Amsterdam, 14 October 1964

Performance filmed at the Koninklijk Theater Carré in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 14 October 1964, featuring the following three songs:

It’s not clear whether there was an audience. The restrained applause before the first song and after the second song sounds like it might be genuine, but in the latter case it is cut short after a couple of seconds, while the applause after the third song sounds like canned applause, sloppily overdubbed.


A Bit of Liverpool, Supremes, Motown MT 623, released 16 October 1964With Love From Us to You, Supremes, (UK) Tamla Motown TML 11002. released in 1965(?)

(above) A Bit of Liverpool, the third album by the Supremes, was released on 16 October 1964. In the UK it was titled With Love (From Us to You).

(below) live performance at the T.A.M.I. Show, which was recorded at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on 28 and 29 October 1964


(below) colorized?


(below) From Shivaree, season 1, episode #7, airdate: 13 March 1965


(below) The Supremes perform in London, in October 1964, possibly at EMI House


*Motown Records catalog number M-1066 was also issued in various pressings with the catalog numbers Motown 1066 and MOTOWN 1066.

**From November 30, 1963 to January 23, 1965 there was no Billboard R&B singles chart.


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