Who Stole the Jam? (1938)


Who Stole the Jam? (m. Harold Spina, w. Walter Bullock) – Songwriter credits: ASCAP credits Harold Spina and Walter Bullock as the songwriters. So does IMDb, for the version in this film. However, Ann Ronnell’s name is added to those two in the credits for the version in the Marx Brothers film Love Happy (1949), which suggests that she added to or modified the original lyric to make it suitable for use in that film. Marion Hutton sings the song in Love Happy, in a peculiar and disturbing number in which she beats up three toddler-sized dolls seated in high chairs.

The song and dance production number “Who Stole the Jam?” in the film Sally, Irene, and Mary (1938) features Alice Faye, Joan Davis, Marjorie Weaver, and the Brian Sisters. The Brian Sisters enter, stage left, at 2:40 in the following video.


(above) The Brian Sisters in an early publicity shot. Photo credits: This one is from bozzies.com which also has a fine biography, primarily as told by Doris Brian Rounds (the middle Brian sister) and more pictures. The still at the top of the page and the one below are from the nicholsfamily website which also has some other nice pics.

The Brian Sisters, L-R: Betty, Doris, Gwen


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