Latin standards: selected songs, 1928-1972


Rita Montaner con Miguel de Grandy 1Rosita Serrano-3a

The page might be more accurately titled something like: “Latin American popular song standards which have become pop and/or jazz standards in North America and elsewhere outside of Latin America  —  selections, 1928-1972.” The link list below is limited to songs that I’ve published individual pages on, or which have appeared in broader feature pages on this site, as noted.

1928 — El Manisero (The Peanut Vendor)

1929 — Te quiero dijiste / Magic is the Moonlight

1934 — Tabú (Taboo)

1935 — Para Vigo me voy (Say Si Si)

1938 —  Na Baixa do Sapateiro (Bahia)

1939 — Perfidia

traditional(?) — Malagueña salerosa (La Malagueña)

1940 — Bésame Mucho

1959 – Manhã de Carnaval

Antônio Carlos Jobim — 15 selected standards, 1956-1972 (15 separate pages)

(below) Songs contained within broader feature pages

1963 — Mas Que Nada — in “Sérgio Mendes and Brasil ’66: selected recordings, 1966 to 1970”

1970 — Feliz Navidad (José Feliciano) — in “Some other popular holiday season songs”


Consuelo Velazquez 01 (sm)Enrique Granados-1a

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