Mr. Monotony and Get Happy

Judy Garland’s dance number for Mr. Monotony, a song written for her character in Easter Parade (1948) by Irving Berlin, was cut from the film because it was deemed too risque and jazzy for a film set in 1910. The half-tuxedo outfit Garland wears in this number is very similar to the one she’d wear in the “Get Happy” number from Summer Stock a couple of years later. The cut number surfaced many years later in That’s Entertainment! III (1994).


Get Happy (Harold Arlen, Ted Koehler)

1. Summer Stock (1950)


2. Duet with Barbra Streisand: medley Get Happy / Happy Days Are Here Again on Episode #9 of “The Judy Garland Show,” taped October 4, 1963 (source:

a. with introductory dialogue intact


b. without intro


3. Performed by JG on Episode #25 of “The Judy Garland Show,” taped March 6, 1964 (


In this longer clip from the same episode the second number is As Long as He Needs Me (Lionel Bart), a song introduced in the 1960 musical Oliver!.


Note: I’m in the midst of re-editing the images in the gallery. Only five or so are done. The Mr. Monotony set take longer than ordinary pics to improve because they are from blurry, dark screen shots. My earlier efforts were largely foiled by a defect in my monitor.

About the photos, and photo credits: The “Mr. Monotony” set are screen shots from film footage. This accounts for their relatively low quality. Having forgotten where I found some of the images (originally downloaded and edited in 2009) I relocated the source in October 2011 at The Judy Garland Message Board, here: The ones labeled “” were actually found (as I recall) at Flickr. I later failed to locate any of them at The Judy Room.

Note, 24 April 2014: I improved several of the “Mr. Monotony” photos with a photo editor later, probably in 2011, intending to do the same with the remainder. Now, it’s April 2014 and the job still awaits completion.

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