Little April Shower


Little April Shower (m. Frank Churchill, w. Larry Morey) — lyric: Disney Wiki

from the 1942 Disney animation film Bambi 


John Burroughs High School Chamber Choir of Burbank, CA – 1997


Mike “Chickenhawk” Toppins et al. — from the 1998 album Heigh Ho Banjo – Bluegrass Salutes Favorite Disney Songs, CMH Records ‎CD-8019


Bambi II (2006) soundtrack albumBambi II: A Collection of New and Classic Bambi Music, released 1 January 2006

video to be replaced


Avid All Stars — from the 2008 album Sing-A-Long to Classic Children’s Film Themes, Avid Entertainment


Mount Baker Middle School 6th grade choir of Auburn, WA — spring concert, 28 March 2011


calikokat110 — piano solo; published on 9 May 2011


Rochdale Borough Youth Band — at the Action Medical Research Youth Brass Band Entertainment Championship of Great Britain, 2013; published on 12 April 2013


Teaching Primary Music — educational video for beginning pianists to learn melody and accompaniment to the Little April Showers melody from Bambi; published on 22 April 2013


UkeofCarl — ukulele solo; published on 15 April 2013


boulevard — piano solo; published on 24 March 2014


Ashley and Hurst Park Schools pupils —  at a workshop concert with the Promenade Choirs on the theme of Water, presented on October 20th 2014; directed by Christopher Goldsack, with piano by Pam Phillips

Promenade Choirs homepage:


Ameritz Karaoke — published on YouTube, 25 December 2014


tinymozarts — piano solo; published on 28 December 2015


Mayfield Preparatory School Junior Choir — date unknown; published “3 years ago” (as of 1/2019)


Katya Mamyshev – harp and voice; from the album Songs of Green; this recording published on YouTube, 4 April 2017


Cat piano — Piano tutorial and cover (sheets + MIDI); published 7 August 2017

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