ZOOM seasons 1-3 (1972-1974) casts: The Cat Came Back and various folk songs


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(above) cast members, counter-clockwise from bottom left: Kenny Pires, Joe Shrand, Tracy Tannebring, Nancy Tates, Jon Reuning, Nina Lillie, Tommy White, of season 1 (1972) of the educational TV show ZOOM, produced by WGBH-TV in Boston and aired on PBS

season 1 numbers:

  • The Cat Came Back – 2 versions
  • Rise and Shine (Give God Your Glory)

The Cat Came Back (Harry S. Miller) — published in 1893


ZOOM season 1 (1972) cast — two versions of “The Cat Came Back”

appearing in this order: Jon, Joe, Nancy, Kenny, Tracy, Tommy, Nina; possibly from the 9 January 1972 series premiere



(below) alternate version, evidently from a later season 1 (1972) episode, featuring “other ways of getting rid of the invincible cat” that had been sent in by Zoom viewers who had seen the above version — cast members appear in this order: Jon, Joe, Tommy, Kenny, Nina, Nancy, Tracy


Rise and Shine (Give God Your Glory) — aka “Arky, Arky,” “Noah’s Arky, Arky,” “The Arky, Arky Song,” “Noah (Rise and Shine),” “Children of the Lord,” etc.



ZOOM season 2 (1972-1973), cast 2 of 3: Ann Messer, David Alberico, Jay Schertzer, Maura Mullaney, Bernadette Yao, Leon Mobley, Luiz Gonzales

Froggie Went a-Courtin’Frog Went a Courtin', illus_036

“Frog Went a-Courtin'” links:



ZOOM season 3 (1973-1974), cast 1 of 2: Danny McGrath, Edith Mooers, Lori Boskin, Neal Johnson, Donna Moore, Mike Dean, Timmy Pruce

season 3, cast 1 of 2 numbers:

  • Buffalo Gals
  • John Henry

Buffalo Gals




John Henry


ZOOM links: Wikipedia, Zoom Wiki, Zoomers Wiki

series music department:

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  1. musicdoc1
    Sep 24, 2020 @ 16:58:38

    Rise and Shine (traditional) — UC Berkeley Gospel Chorus, c. 2010, evidently from a program titled “Hollywood Be Thy Name: Gospel Music on the Celluloid Screen,” under the direction of D. Mark Wilson — The provider refers to a version of the song featured in the 1936 film Green Pastures, performed by the Hall Johnson Choir. However, this arrangement of the traditional song is considerably different than that used in the film version.


    Rise and Shine — Hall Johnson Choir, from the film Green Pastures (1936)



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