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Happy holidays, folks! Wishing each of you all the best this holiday season. May your days be full of cheer and joyous celebration, or quiet contemplation, as is your wont.

Today I published the page 12/8 time songs: part 1, 1954-1959 – “Earth Angel” to “Put Your Head on My Shoulder”.

The page is an extension of the previously published page “Earth Angel” to “Good Timin'”: doc’s pick of 12/8 time songs, 1954-1978 (link fixed 27 December 2019). The new page is focused on a portion of the period covered in the parent page, and includes a recording of each featured song or recording in this portion. For each item in the list of selections in which a specific recording of a song is indicated, this marks the first recording of the song in 12/8 time that I’ve identified. 12/8 time (or meter) consists of four eighth note triplets. For all other songs in the list, the original recording is in 12/8 time, and that is the recording included in the page.

songs and specific recordings included in the new page:

The plan is to eventually publish two more parts to cover the remaining years (1960-1978) of the original page, with each part to include about twenty recordings.

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    Dec 23, 2019 @ 09:54:40

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