Hi. I’d previously included the following link index in the sidebar of the site. The present index is paginated, with links to each of its three pages found at the bottom of each page. The length of the sidebar had grown to such an extent over the past few years that, according to a couple of staff members, it may have been a major factor in the increasingly significant loading issues that I’d been encountering on the site for some time. Even if the list wasn’t causing loading issues — and new evidence found in mid-November ‘2018 suggests that it may not have been a principle causative factor in the loading issues — it was too long for the sidebar, extending way beyond the content of most of the pages and posts on the site. I may eventually add back parts of this link list to the sidebar.

10 October 2018, revised 24 November 2018


Pre-1910 Songs

Pre-1910 Songs, external

Songs, 1910-19

Songs, 1920-29

Songs, 1930-39

Songs, 1940-49

Songs, 1950-59

Song catalogs

audio files


books and authors

books, dangerous

Cabaret Corner

Civil Rights Movement


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