2011-2-24 — spacing issues (new problem)


Note, 24 Feb: Recently, I’ve begun having an issue with getting consistent spacing between text, images, and videos on my pages. The problem is affecting pages which looked fine when they were created weeks or months ago. I’ve spent hours trying to rectify this problem with no success. All spaces added are being erased when the page is updated. That is, the edits are not being saved. May have to wait until the return of WP support (1 March) before the issue can be resolved.

Another issue with this theme, which I only began using a few weeks ago, is that the pages are too wide, 640 pixels. Because the majority of the pages were created for a 500 pixel maximum, paired images appear skewed to the left, leaving big gaps to the right of them. I’ve had little success in my efforts to center them. For some reason, WordPress prefers to keep the centering of paired images a complex task, requiring obscure knowledge of codes and manipulation of them. In features created over the past several weeks I’ve been modifying the size parameters of embedded videos to accommodate this theme.

Update, 28 Feb: On a couple of recent pages I’ve added lines between the recordings. This improves the appearance but I do not relish the prospect of doing this for 550+ other posts and pages. If the problem is not resolved within a few days I will probably change to a different theme. I think the issues are limited to this theme. — Jim (Doc)

Update, 26 July: The problem has not been fully resolved. It doesn’t appear to be limited to certain themes. And WordPress support has consistently failed to provide an explanation. I’m in the process of inserting lines or other spacers to improve the appearance. WordPress support people who have responded to my queries on this issue have either not understood my complaint, or, if they have understood, have been unable to explain the sudden and pervasive changes mentioned above.

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