Top ten Oasis songs (official) — Send your camel to bed


10. The Big “O” — 1962(?) TV commercial jingle for Oasis brand cigarettes

Light an Oasis and you’ll say
It’s the freshest taste in smoking today
Smokers who know now smoke the big “O”

Menthol mist, so mild, so light
Makes every puff a smooth delight
Smokers who know now smoke the big “O”


9. Oasis Boogie – Amphyrite, 1973


8. Try an Oasis — 1960s cigarette commercial

When your smoking taste is tired, refresh it with Oasis. O-A-S-I-S, Oasis. You’ll find nothing refreshes your tired taste like an Oasis, because each strand of mild ripe tobacco in Oasis is gently misted with just enough menthol to cool and refresh your taste, but never get in the way of your enjoyment of rich tobacco flavor.

jingle: Try an Oasis, try an Oasis, most refreshing cigarette



7. Midnight at the Oasis (David Nichtern) — Maria Muldaur, 1974 single (#6)


6. Strange Oasis — Manuel and His Music of the Mountains, from the 1968 album Mirage


5. Oasis (Tarja Turunen) — Tarja Turunen, from her 2007 album My Winter Storm


4. Oasis, part 1 (J. Blum – C. Allen) — Part 1 of a double-sided instrumental single by the Majestics issued in October 1961 on Chess 1802; produced by Crystal Allen. It is the only single in the Chess catalog by the Majestics listed at In an extensive Chess 45 singles discography covering the period 1950-1971 published by, these are the only two sides released by a band named the Majestics.


3. Oasis, part 2 (J. Blum – C. Allen) — The Majestics, Chess 1802


2. Oasis (Tom Gindhart) by The Murraymen, B-side of It Won’t Always Be Raining (Arcade AR-131), released in 1954


1. Oasis Skatepark San Diego, 1980 — music: Optimo by Liquid Liquid, 1983


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