Please Stay

Please Stay (m. Burt Bacharach, w. Bob Hilliard)

charting recordings:

The Drifters — issue in May 1961 on the single Atlantic 45-2105 (also Atlantic 2105), b/w “No Sweet Lovin'”


Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band — issued 4 June 1965 on the single (UK) Columbia DB 7600, b/w “You Know You’ll Cry”


Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders — from the 1965 album Eric, Rick, Wayne and Bob – It’s Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders, (UK) Fontana ‎TL 5257


The Cryin’ Shames — live performance on French TV, 1966


Slim Smith (Keith) – Reggae, 1971, GAS/ Pama label GAS-163


Jonathon Butler – 1975



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