21 mar — on projected Gershwin pages

A note on the Gershwin feature pages:

I am presently working on the follow-up to the page George Gershwin, part 1: 1919-1928.

The great majority of the George Gershwin compositions to be featured on the site were written in collaboration with his brother Ira. Exceptions to this include his early work to 1924; Show Girl (1928) for which Gus Kahn collaborated on the lyrics with Ira Gershwin; and Porgy and Bess for which DuBose Heyward wrote the majority of the lyrics, and the libretto. In spite of this, I’ve omitted Ira’s name (and the other lyricists) from the title of my Gershwin pages only for convenience sake. The alternative seems to be to create at least four parts (1. before Ira; 2. with Ira, early; 3. with Ira, late; and 4. with Dubose Heyward, Heyward and Ira, and other combinations of lyricists, late) rather than the two planned.

However, I’m considering dividing the Gershwin features into three parts as follows: 1. 1919-27, 2. 1928-36, and 3. films, 1937-38. Three reasons for doing so:

  • a. The two standards I Got Rhythm and I’ve Got a Crush on You, though written in 1928 (both for the 1928 show Treasure Girl according to wikipedia) were not published until 1930 when they appeared in, respectively, Girl Crazy and the remake of Strike Up the Band.
  • b. There are several standards from the films; a separate page for them will allow me to be more expansive, to include more pictures and cover versions for example.
  • c. This tripartite division will allow me to advance the Gershwin coverage forward several years yet avoid getting too far ahead of the major focus of the site at this time which is still on the early 1930s.

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