Daydream (John Sebastian)


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The Moon Loungers — published on 24 July 2013


Chuck and the Kings — trumpet, banjo, and bass trio — published on 2 September 2013


solo, guitar and voice

Charles Moody — uploaded on 13 April 2009


Elodie Martelet — published on 23 February 2014

This is one of  the better guitar and voice recordings of the song I’ve heard, featuring impassioned vocals that include inspired scatting and a muted trumpet solo impression. Very nice, Ms. Martelet! You are a gifted entertainer.

guitar solo

Wolfgang Vrecun — guitar solo, with original arrangement — published on 7 April 2012


François Sciortino — published on 5 September 2016


piano solo

Luca Sestak — uploaded on 4 August 2010


keystyx — uploaded on 26 August 2010


calikokat100 — published on 23 April 2012


Dan Chan — published on 8 November 2012


Luca Sestak — 20 July 2013 at Jazz Festival “Tiengener Sommer”

artist links:


Tim Gracyk — published on 30 August 2013


melody played on harmonica

Vachet — uploaded on 31 May 2009


See also the separate page


John Sebastian-Henry Diltz-1969 (1a)

* Somewhat surprising is the incidental detail provided by Sebastian in the same account, that at some stage of the tour (in the South), the groups were traveling together on a school bus(!) which was “pretty decrepit.” The poor quality of the vehicle is odd given that between August 1964 and June 1965, the Supremes had scored five consecutive #1 pop hits, a string of chart toppers broken finally by the July 1965 release of “Nothing but Heartaches,” which stalled at #11. Having a Supremes single peak at such a dreadfully low chart position so aroused the ire of Motown chief Berry Gordy that he responded by having the following memo circulated around the Motown offices:

We will release nothing less than Top Ten product on any artist; and because the Supremes’ world-wide acceptance is greater than the other artists, on them we will only release number-one records.

Another factor that makes the decrepit school bus transportation of the Supremes and the Lovin’ Spoonful in the summer of 1965 seem odd is that Motown head Berry Gordy had, according to his own account, consummated a love affair with Diana Ross in April 1965 at the conclusion of the 1965 Motortown Revue UK Tour.

** The page on Kama Sutra KA 208 at contains the notes “BB Feb 19, 1966,” and “BB Feb 26 – entered Hot 100, reached no. 2 (Apr 9).” According to the Wikipedia page on the song, Kama Sutra KA 208 was issued on 19 February 1966.

*** The site and others give the season as number 20, while has it as number 19.

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