Just You, Just Me (needs repair)


Just You, Just Me (Jesse Greer, Raymond Klages) was introduced in the 1929 MGM musical film Marianne, composed by Jesse Greer with lyrics by Raymond Klages.

IMDb lists three separate performances in the film, as follows:

1. played on guitar and sung by Lawrence Gray
2. reprise by Marion Davies, and
3. reprise by Lawrence Gray and by Cliff Edwards.

Wikipedia notes that

Thelonious Monk’s 1948 composition, “Evidence”, was based on the chord progression of “Just You, Just Me”.[3] Monk’s tune was originally called “Justice” (which sounds like “Just Us”, a reference to “Just You, Just Me”), then renamed “We Named It Justice”, and finally “Evidence”. [2] Both songs are included in Monk’s 1964 live album, Live at the It Club.

Lawrence Gray serenades Marion Davies in the film Marianne (1929)


From redhotjazz.com (with editor’s comment):

The Brox Sisters were a close harmony vocal group of three sisters. Born in Kentucky and Tennessee, they grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Their real last name was Brock but they appeared on stage as the Brox Sisters. They rose to fame in the Music Box Revue which played at the New York Theater from 1921 to 1924.

[Ed. The theater was and is called The Music Box Theatre. It was built by by Irving Berlin and producer Sam H. Harris specifically to house Berlin’s Music Box Revues. I think what is meant here is that the Brox Sisters were in the Music Box Revue of 1921 and subsequent Music Box Revues until 1924. Redhotjazz.com and wiki each misname the theater in their profiles of the Brox Sisters.]

In 1925 and 1926 the sisters performed in the Broadway production of Cocoanuts with the Marx Brothers. In 1927 they appeared in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1927 at The New Amsterdam Theatre with Eddie Cantor. In 1929 they appeared in the film Hollywood Revue of 1929 performing the song “Singin’ In The Rain” with Cliff Edwards. In 1930 the sisters appeared in the film “King of Jazz” in 1930. They performed the song “A Bench in the Park” with Joe Venuti, Eddie Lang and the Rhythm Boys.

The Brox Sisters – in a medley with Hang On to Me also written by Greer & Klages. This clip is from the short Gems of M-G-M (1930) which also featured Marion Harris, comedian Benny Rubin, and Belcher’s Kiddie Ballet.


Lester Young ( tenor sax), Johnny Guarnieri (piano), Slam Stewart (bass), Sid Catlett (drums). Recorded: New York, 28 December 1943


Lester Young — recorded: New York City, NY 4 August 1952

Lester Young – Tenor Sax
Oscar Peterson – Piano
Barney Kessel – Guitar
Ray Brown – Bass
J.C. Heard – Drums


Nat King Cole – I don’t yet have a date or band information for either of these Cole recordings. The first video might be the first track on the album After Midnight (1957), recorded 14 September 1956.


Ella Fitzgerald — on the Dinah Shore Show – 1959


Judy Garland

The youtube provider dates the recording 1955, but according to Judy Garland Database she only recorded the song in a studio once. It’s listed as “Capitol Records by Judy Garland with Orchestra conducted by Jack Marshall, June 1960 — released on LP Judy / That’s Entertainment!, October 31, 1960.” Two other recordings of the song are mentioned: Judy at Carnegie Hall, July 1961, and Episode #22 of The Judy Garland Show.


Episode 22 of The Judy Garland Show, taped 14 February 1964. Interestingly, she wears the same gown as she wore in Episode #1.


Coleman Hawkins and Roy Eldridge back vocalist Carol Stevens – 1961

The dailymotion provider (second video) apparently misnames the singer “Seedens,” but addsThe fine rhythm group consists of guitarist Barry Galbraith(?), bassist Milt Hinton and drummer Cozy Cole.”



An ensemble performance in the Woody Allen film Everyone Says I Love You (1996).

Credits, according to IMDb:

Arranged and Conducted by Dick Hyman
Performed by Ed Norton, Olivia Hayman, Vivian Cherry, Diva Gray, Arlene
Martell, Helen Miles, Paul Evans, & Dick Hyman and the New York Studio Players
Itzhak Pearlman, violin
Navah Pearlman, piano
Jon Gordon, alto sax


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tom Bowler
    Oct 23, 2010 @ 17:41:21

    I just love the song “Just You, Just Me”. I first heard it in the Woody Allen film”Everyone Says I Love You”. Ed Norton sings it to Drew Barrymore. I love the Brox Sisters version and the version in the 1931 film “Marianne”. The blurb says that the pianist heard in this 1931 film was Dick Hyman. The only Dick Hyman I know would have been 4 years old. He might easily be the pianist in the 1996 Woody Allan film but not Marianne in 1931. Unless it’s a relative or ancestor! Anyone know?



    • doc
      Oct 23, 2010 @ 20:31:51

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for visiting and taking the time out to comment. I’ll have to confess that my fact checking left something to be desired in this case. I believe I’ve grown more fastidious in such matters since this page was published nearly a year ago. Unfortunately, I haven’t found the time to go back and check all of my earlier work for accuracy. Comments like yours are therefore very welcome as they bring errors to my attention that I otherwise might not notice for quite awhile.

      It looks like I was particularly sloppy in this instance, even to the point of apparently conflating two of the performances. I’ve corrected this today. IMDb lists three separate performances in the film Marianne, as follows:

      1. played on guitar and sung by Lawrence Gray
      2. reprise by Marion Davies, and
      3. reprise by Lawrence Gray and by Cliff Edwards.

      Re: Dick Hyman. Wikipedia does in fact say that Dick Hyman plays the piano in the film Marianne (1929). He actually would have been about 2 at the time according to bios at allmusic.com and Wikipedia itself. Wiki seems to have mixed credits on this film with those of the Woody Allen film you mentioned. In fact the citation following the claim that Hyman performed in the Marianne is

      Adam Harvey and Dick Hyman: The Soundtracks of Woody Allen: A Complete Guide to the Songs and Music in Every Film, 1969-2005. McFarland, 2007. ISBN 0786429682. p. 67.

      The credits provided by IMDb for the performance of the song as it appears in Everyone Says I Love You (1996):

      Arranged and Conducted by Dick Hyman, Performed by Edward Norton, Olivia Hayman, Vivian Cherry, Diva Gray, Arlene Martell, Helen Miles, Paul Evans, & Dick Hyman and the New York Studio Players, Itzhak Pearlman (violin), Navah Pearlman (piano), Jon Gordon (alto sax)

      I will add a clip from the Allen film if I can find one.

      Cheers and thanks for the help, Jim



  2. Tom Bowler
    Oct 24, 2010 @ 23:35:23


    Conflated is a good word and you are to be praised at putting it all together. I thought for a few moments Dick Hyman’s father might have done it! But I Googled it and found no trace of him so I assumed it came from the Allan film since he’s done so much work on Woody’s films.
    What a treasure trove. I really love the Brox sisters version. Ella is the greatest but the fast version doesn’t show the some at it’s best.

    QUESTION: Is it possible to put these You Tube Videos on a DVD so I could show them to my sister who isn’t on the internet? I am starting to make some digital videos myself of my passions, Swing Dancing and Argentine Tango which i would also like to put on DVDs.



    • doc
      Oct 25, 2010 @ 15:47:34

      Hi Tom,

      Well, I’ve finally got this page in better shape with your help. But I still had some errors after my last message to you which I didn’t catch until the next day.

      About youtube videos to disk: I see no reason why you couldn’t do that. Most videos found in video libraries are downloadable but this may require special software. I actually haven’t learned how to do that. The last few times I tried I had failure due to technical errors which I haven’t resolved. I’ll have to get some assistance on this.

      I think what you want to do is download the videos and then burn them to disk. But I’m afraid that I’m untrained in the necessary skills. Good luck.




  3. Tom Bowler
    Apr 27, 2011 @ 02:18:02

    I just stumbled on this site again tonight while watching some tango You tube videos. I still love this tune “Just You, Just Me”. Keep sending me these Songbook weekly songs. They seem to have stopped. I was in the hospital in January getting a TKR (Total Knee Replacement). I’m not 100% yet but I’m back on the dance floor going to Milongas once a week at least.



    • doc
      Apr 27, 2011 @ 15:44:04

      Tom, Good luck with the knee trouble. Glad to hear it hasn’t kept you off the dance floor! You are correct — the songs did stop coming…for two reasons:

      1. I decided to end the site on 1954. Still planning to revise and supplement previous years, and to add some special features on selected Songwriters. Still haven’t done a comprehensive feature on Irving Berlin, for example. The first Harold Arlen feature is in revision, while part two is only in the early planning stages. There will be other features to come I think, but I’m going to have to refresh my memory because (see #2. below) I’ve been away for awhile and enjoying the break.

      2. One month ago my PC suddenly failed to boot and it was weeks before I determined the cause and the cure. Just got back online today for the first time since March 28.

      Cheers, Jim



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