Bewitchin’ to beggar and king


Today I published a short page on the song “In the Spring of the Year,” with music by Alec Wilder and words by Lee Kuhn, including the only four recordings of the song that I’ve found so far. According to WilderWorld podcast 129 the song was written in 1947. However, the copyright date is 20 April 1949. I’ve included a transcription of the lyric that I did today using the 1951 Lee Kuhn recording. In other versions, the order of sections vary, as do the number of times certain sections are sung. Here’s a link to the new page:

In the Spring of the Year

Recordings included in the page:


In the Spring of the Year (m. Alec Wilder, w. Lee Kuhn)
~lyric transcribed by doc on 30 March 2019, from the 1951 Lee Kuhn recording

In the spring of the year
All of a sudden
The bloomin’ and buddin’
Get into your blood ‘n’ you sing
Not a sigh do you hear in the spring
Of the year

In the spring of the year
Some hocus-pocus
Induces the crocus
To blossom and grow ’cause it’s spring
There’s a magic that’s queer in the spring
Of the year

Birds are singier
Vines are clingier
Bells are ringier too
The sun is sunnier
Bees are honeyer
Rabbits are bunnier too

In the spring of the year
Folks get an itchin’
For wooin’ and hitchin’
Bewitchin’ to beggar and king
For the fling of the year in the spring
Of the year

Trees are sappier
Wings are flappier
Laughs are laughier too
The moon is moonier
Tunes are tunier
Dreams are balloonier too

(repeat section 4)


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