October Twilight


October Twilight (m. Henry Hadley, w. Guy Wood) – Henry Kimball Hadley’s composition “October Twilight” is, according to a Princeton University Library catalog entry, the second of three parts of a group of compositions, identified as “Three characteristic numbers,” that was published in 1922. In its “October Twilight” page, the website HenryHadley.com suggests that the 1922 version was a piano solo, while admitting no knowledge of recordings in that form, and indicates that words were added by Guy Wood in 1947.

Victor Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Philip James — recorded on 24 June 1938 (Victor matrix CS-023731) in New York City, NY, and released in February 1940 on “Album M-634,” which is evidently a two-record set consisting of Victor 12599 and Victor 12600. Three of the four sides of the album contain parts of “Concertino for Piano and Orchestra,” and the B-side of Victor 12600 is “October Twilight.”

Video created by Eric Anderson; published 24 December 2011 at YouTube


Frankie Carle and his Orchestra, vocal: Nan Wright — recorded on 15 December 1947, according to Henry König’s Musiktiteldatenbank (@http://musiktiteldb.de); issued 30 August 1948 on the 78 rpm single Columbia 38291, b/w “A New Kind of Song” — This is the first recording I know of that features the lyric by Guy Wood.

The 28 August 1948 issue of Billboard magazine includes the Frankie Carle recording of “October Twilight” in its Advanced Record Releases, on page 35. Billboard’s September 25, 1948 issue includes the Carle recording as the ninth in a group of ten titles in The Disk Jockey’s Pick, found on page 33, prefacing the list with the comment “Based on a weekly survey among 1200 of them, the disk jockeys think tomorrow’s hits will be…”


audio file, VBR MP3 (5.5 MB), from the page October Twilight at archive.org:


Steve Conway with Orchestra conducted by Peter Yorke — issued in August 1948 on the 78 rpm single Columbia F.B. 3416, b/w “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime”


Geraldo and his Orchestra, vocal: Archie Lewis — recorded on 7 September 1948; issued on the 78 rpm single (UK) Parlophone F. 2306, as the B-side of “When You’re in Love”


Ralph Sharon — from the 1953 album Autumn Leaves, (UK) Decca LF 1138, (US) London Records LB 842Discogs.com incorrectly credits the composition of not only “October Twilight” but also “Shine On Harvest Moon” to Ralph Sharon. Both numbers were published before he was born.

audio file, VBR MP3 (3.4 MB), from the page History American Pop 007 at archive.org:


Ralph Flanagan and his Orchestra — from the 1961 LP Dance To The “New Live” Sound Of Ralph Flanagan, Coral CRL 57363 (Mono), CRL 757363 (Stereo)

audio file, VBR MP3 (2.9 MB), from a page featuring the album at archive.org:


Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra — from their 2017 album Entreaty, CD Baby B072LMWH2C


Theodore Buchholz (cello), Paula Fan (piano)– from the album Afterglow: The Forgotten Works for Cello & Piano by Henry Hadley, Centaur CRC3780, released on 5 June 2020


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