ZOOM casts sing, and dance to, classic pop, jazz, and country songs


medley: Mairzy Doats, Flat Foot Floogie, Pennsylvania 6-5000

Mairzy Doats (Milton Drake, Al Hoffman, and Jerry Livingston) – 1943

Flat Foot Floogie (Slim Gaillard, Slam Stewart, and Bud Green) – 1938

Pennsylvania 6-5000 (m. Jerry Gray, w. Carl Sigman) – 1940

ZOOM season 2 (1972-1973), cast 2 of 3: Ann Messer, Bernadette Yao, David Alberico, Leon Mobley, Maura Mullaney, Jay Schertzer, Luiz Gonzales


I Want to Be Happy (m. Vincent Youmans, w. Otto Harbach, Irving Caesar) – from the musical No, No, Nanette, which opened on Broadway 26 September 1925

season 2 (1972-1973), cast 3 of 3: Bernadette Yao, Leon Mobley, Luiz Gonzales, Danny McGrath, Edith Mooers, Lori Boskin, Neal Johnson


Salty Dog Rag (John Gordy, Edward Crowe) – 1951

season 3 (1973-1974), cast 2 of 2: Donna Moore, Mike Dean, Timmy Pruce, Hector Dorta, Rose Clarkow, Shawna “Shawn” Miranda, Danny Malloy


I Got Plenty o’ Nuttin’ (m. George Gershwin, w. DuBose Heyward, Ira Gershwin) – 1934

The description on the image above suggests the title of the number, which is from the opera Porgy and Bess, might have been changed for this production to “I Got Plenty of Sun and Moon.”

Season 6 (1977-1978) cast: Amy Clark, John Lathan, Carolyn Malcolm, Nicholas Butterworth, Shona de Nile, Chee Kim, Susan Wolf


Much thanks to the following video providers!!

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