recently modified pages


The following articles have been modified in the past month or so. In some cases, articles that were previously presented in two separate parts have been condensed to a single article with multiple pages. In other cases, long single page articles were split up into multiple page articles to improve loading times. In every case, links to all pages in the article are found at the bottom of each page.

two parts condensed to one with multiple pages:
Bei Mir Bistu Shein: selected early recordings, 1937-1938
We’ve Only Just Begun (3 pages)
It’s So Peaceful in the Country

long page split into multiple pages:
Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields page
Tabú (Taboo)
The Beach Boys: selected songs, 1962-1965
1927 selected standards and hits

The page The Gumm Sisters on film, 1929-30 and 1935 was also recently revised. Among the changes were corrections to my transcription of the song “Blue Butterfly” and inclusion of a couple of additional 1929 recordings of that song.

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